Zions Bank Account Management

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Considered one of the most stable banking institutions in the United States, Zions Bank has a long history of surviving through rough patches in American economics. They offer many different banking solutions and products, including loans, credit cards, checking accounts, savings accounts and more.

Open an Account With Zions Bank

If you would like to open a checking or savings account through Zions Bank, the application process can be handled online rather than visiting on of the financial institution’s physical locations. To apply, simply visit the Zions Bank Open an Account selection page and click the “Apply Now” button at the top of the account type’s page. After that, you can proceed to fill out the forms to which the site brings you.

As there are a number of choices available for account types, we recommend that you look through the details for all of them before making your decision for which one you would like to apply.

Creating an Online Account with Zions Bank

Existing account holders at Zions Bank can enroll for online access to their bank accounts by filling out the required forms available at the Zions Bank Online Banking Enrollment.  Before starting the enrollment process, you should have your Zions Bank account numbers ready or, at the minimum, your ATM or Visa debit card. Likewise, you will be asked to verify your identity when enrolling by entering sensitive pieces of personal and financial information like your ATM PIN, details regarding your latest account deposit and the last four numbers from your Social Security number.

After completing your online enrollment for Zions Bank, you should have a login ID and password for use in logging in to the site, which will be discussed in the following section.

Log In to Zions Bank

To log in to the Zions Bank website for online banking, follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to the zionsbank.com login portal
  2. Enter your Login ID
  3. Type in your password exactly as you created it during the enrollment process (described above) as the password is case sensitive
  4. Click the “GO” button

Zions Bank Login

Payments to Zions Bank Credit and Loan Accounts

Once logged in to the website as described in the previous section, you may make payments on your various loans, lines of credit or credit cards online. To do so, go to the transfers section of the website and choose which account to pay from and which account to make a payment to, choose an amount to transfer and submit the request.

If you prefer to not send payments over the internet, you may make a payment on any of your Zions Bank accounts at any of the company’s physical locations, which you can find by using Zions BankFinancial Center and ATM Locator.

Some Helpful Links

Zions Bank
Phone: 800-974-8800
Fax: (801) 524-2277
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P.O. Box 3748
Salt Lake City, UT 84110

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