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Southeast Toyota Finance (SETF – is the financial organization that was set up by the Southeast Toyota Distributors group of auto sellers, which are primarily located around the southeastern United States. SETF is set up as a loan and lease agency to offer customers quicker access to lending approvals since the lots have access to their own financial institution. With Southeast Toyota Distributors being one of the largest dealership groups in the nation, the self-ran financing has proven to be a good revenue choice since their volume easily offsets any costs incurred with creating a vertical sales model.

Southeast Toyota Finance Online Bill Payments

To make a payment online, you will have to set up an account through the SETF My Account page. Once on that page, click the red button labeled as “New Customer Setup.” You will first be presented with a terms and conditions document for you to read through and agree with. Once you accept the document, you will be presented with the form to create your online account. All of the fields are required to create your account, and do not forget to read the privacy policy and check the box under the fields that says you have read them and that you understand the aforementioned terms and conditions. After that, you will go through details verification and account creation confirmation. From there, you can log in and make a payment online.

  • Once logged in, click the “Online Payment” link
  • When the site requests that you do so, input your bank account information
  • Input the amount that you would like to pay to SETF
  • Once you submit your payment, you will be asked to verify that the details are correct. Do so to finalize your bill pay submission

Payments through MoneyGram

To use the MoneyGram system for a Southeast Toyota Finance payment, you can find a location near to you by using the locator at the MoneyGram website. When setting up the bill pay with them, use Receive Code 2156 to ensure that your payment goes to the correct place.

Pay Your Bill through Western Union

For payments through Western Union, call them at (800) 325-6000 to find the nearest location. Once at the Western Union location, use the following information to send the payment:

Code City: OMNI
State Code: AL

Payment Mailing Address

Have a check or money order made out to Southeast Toyota Finance and write your account number on it. Mail it to one of these two addresses depending on whether you have a loan or a lease:


Southeast Toyota Finance
PO Box 70832
Charlotte, NC 28272-0832


Southeast Toyota Finance
PO Box 70831
Charlotte, NC 28272-0831

Payments Over the Phone

To pay your bill by phone, contact SETF’s 24-hour phone number at (800) 686-3494 and follow the audio instructions to submit your payment. To speak with a customer service representative, call between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. ET from Monday through Friday.

  • Dan
    June 2, 2020

    I would like to know the balance of my account: 6034622205243734.

    Thank you,

    • Payment
      June 2, 2020

      I guss you like to know your loan status?
      Well, just navigate to this link, go to your account…
      (This is just a blog that explains how to pay your bills, this is NOT AN OFFICIAL SITE OF SETF!)

  • amed
    February 17, 2020


  • roby w pruitt
    February 10, 2020

    How can i find my payoff amount?

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