New York & Company Payment Methods

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New York & Company is a fashion and fashion accessory retail chain that offers a number of casual and professional styles. Their store credit card is issued and managed by Comenity Bank, and the card’s balance can be paid off through a number of methods.

Option 1: Pay New York & Company Bill by Phone

For phone payments, contact the New York & Company credit card customer service phone number by dialing (800) 889-0494.

Payment Option 2: Pay through Mail

If you do not have your remittance slip or the invoice that you receive every month in the mail, you can still make a payment in this manner. You will have to get a check or money order made out for the amount that you wish to pay then write your New York & Company credit card account number somewhere on the payment method itself. Then, mail it to the following address:

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Comenity Bank
Comenity Bank payment adress
Comenity Bank contact us page

Option 3: Online Payments through Portal

To make an online payment on your New York & Company credit card account balance, you will need to create an online profile through the Comenity payment portal that is set up for the card. To go through the profile registration, go to the New York & Company credit card registration and fill out all of the fields as requested by the website. Note: Unlike other store card issuers, you do not need your credit card with you when registering your account. After making your online login, you can make an online payment by following these steps:

  • Navigate to the URL
  • Enter your user name and password into the appropriately labeled boxes
  • Click “Remember me” to save your user name to the site
  • Click the “Sign in” button
New York and Company Credit Card Comeniti Page

New York and Company Credit Card Comeniti Page

  • Once logged in to the Account Center, go to make a payment
  • Select a payment amount from amount due, full balance or a custom amount
  • Input your checking account number and your bank’s ABA (routing) number
  • Submit the payment
  • Verify that the details are correct and confirm the payment

Bill Pay Option 4: In-store Payments

In-store payments can be made by taking your New York & Company credit card to any of the open cash registers in the store and asking for assistance in making the payment. The clerk will walk you through the process, and you have a few available options for payment types, including with credit card, cash, debit or check. To find a New York & Company location near you, use the New York & Company store locator online.

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