America’s Servicing Company Online Mortgage Payments

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America’s Servicing Company, which is often referred to as ASC, is a subsidiary of and ran by the financial institution Wells Fargo Bank. The “Servicing” portion of the company’s name is in reference to mortgages and they manage a large number of home loans across the country.  In regards to the types of payments available for America’s Servicing Company loans, the only verified payment method is to submit your payment online or through the mail. However, there is a good chance that payments may be able to be made by visiting a Wells Fargo bank.

First Bill Pay Option: Online Payments for America’s Servicing Company Mortgages

For those of you who would like to make a payment on your ASC mortgage online, you will first have to create your login credentials. To access the area that will allow  you to do this, head over to their login page at and you will see a “Register” link in an area that says “Are You A New User?” that you will need to click. In the registration area, you will be asked to enter various bits of information about you and your account with the company as well as create your user name and password to use for logging in.

America's Servicing Company Login

Once your account creation has been completed, head back to and enter your user name and password into the appropriately labeled fields, then click the “Login” button to make your way to the account dashboard. After you have logged in, go to the payments area and follow the on-screen prompts to complete your mortgage payment transaction.

Second Bill Pay Option: Mailing in Your America’s Servicing Company Payment

If you receive invoices for your mortgage through the mail, you will be able to make payments on your account by paying your bill with a check or a money order.

ASC invoice

When preparing your payment to be sent, ensure that you write your mortgage account number on it somewhere and mail it to the address that the invoice informs you where it should be sent.

Commentary About America’s Servicing Company

Although there are not a substantial amount of complaints about America’s Servicing Company as a whole, there is a serious lack of information online about making payments to the company. That being the case, we have a hard time recommending that you attempt to seek out having a mortgage with them, even though they are backed by Wells Fargo. If you have had any kind of experience with ASC, whether good or bad, let us know about it in the comments below.

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