How To Access Huntington Online Mortgage

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Did you recently buy a house or similar living space? Is it a spacious, roomy vacation home with a sprawling yard and a large swimming pool, or a cozy, smaller house in the suburbs? Today, millions of people all over the world are considered homeowners, as they have the deed or title to a house in their name, or even as part of a joint ownership with a loved one or spouse.

Houses are usually purchased through a real estate agent. Whatever your living situation is in your new or current house, it’s very likely that along with the new house came the mortgage. Mortgages are a fact of life when it comes to owning a house for the first time. They are often a way to pay off a house with a monthly rate, as they often go for incredibly high prices on the market. Mortgages can be extremely tough to manage if you are unsure of what you’re doing the first time around. But, as luck would have, there are many companies that employ agents who can help you handle your mortgage.

In this article, we’ll be discussing Huntington Mortgage. We’ll show you how to log into your online Huntington Mortgage account. Following that we’ll show you where to go to pay your monthly mortgage bill.

Step 1: Logging In

Step one of this guide is all about teaching you how to log into your account on the online Huntington Mortgage website. This online account offers you the simple convenience of the ability to manage your plans, pay your bill, and negotiate or refinance the mortgage at some point should you ever want to do that.

This can be all be done from the ease and comfort of your own home or office. To get started, open your favorite or preferred browser that you use for accessing the Internet and navigate it to the aforementioned Huntington Mortgage website. When you make it to the front page of the site, look for a “Log In” link at the very top-right corner of the screen. Go ahead and click this link to continue to the login page, located at

login link

On this page, you will see two text boxes. To log in, enter your Username and Password that you made during the registration process, when you first created the account. When the information has been entered correctly, click the orange “Login” button to successfully enter your member account.

are you new

Step 2: Payment

Now that you have successfully logged into your account, you need to know where to go to make a payment on your mortgage. This is very important to keep track of, as missing a payment could have catastrophic consequences to your living situation.

To get started, simply log back into your account like you did in the previous step of the guide. When you make it to the members’ section, look for a link that says something similar to “Make Payment” or “Pay Bill” and click it. You will likely have a few different options available to you as to how you want to pay the bill, but you’ll likely end up using either your credit or debit card. If you need any sort of assistance, you can contact an agent online, and they are always ready to assist you with any problems you may have.


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