Your Amazon Credit Card Payment Options

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Amazon is huge when it comes to online marketplaces. Pretty much everyone on the globe has heard of the company and they only continue to grow. They offer a store credit card that can be used for online purchases made through the site. The card itself is managed through Synchrony Financial, and if you would like to apply for one you can do so through the Store Card page.

Option 1 For Card Bill Payment: online payment


GE and Synchrony are one in the same, so if you’re looking for amazon today, you should be aware that everything is now handled through the rebranded GE Money, which is –you guessed it- Synchrony Bank

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You will need an online account through Synchrony before you can make any online payments, and you can get to the registration page for this through the Store Card payment website (first link on the next paragraph). Click the button that says “Register your Store Card” and fill out the forms as requested. From that payment portal, you can also log in and make payments as described here:

  • Navigate to: amazon today
  • Enter your user ID
  • Click the “Sign in using our secure server” button
    Amazon Store Card Login, Account Creation and Payment

    Amazon Store Card Login, Account Creation and Payment

  • Enter your password if the correct security image is shown
  • Place your mouse over the “Payments” tab and click “Make a Payment
  • Choose a payment amount
  • Input your banking information
  • Agree to the terms and conditions, and submit your payment

Other credit card payment methods could you find

Synchrony offers store credit card users a few other options for payments other than one-time payments online. Find the method you prefer below and follow the instructions given.

Option 2: Amazon Credit Card Automatic Payments

To set up recurring payments, log in to your account as described above and instead of choosing “Make a Payment,” select “Enroll in Recurring Payments.” Choose how much you want to automatically pay toward your account each month, then select your bank account as the payment source. Agree to the terms and conditions, then click “Submit” and the payments will be set up.

Option 3: Amazon Card Payments by Phone

To make a payment on your account over the phone, call the Synchrony customer service line at:

(866) 634-8379

(more information through this link) Using the automated system to make a payment is free, but if you want to conduct the transaction with a live customer service agent, you might get charged a fee for the service.

Bill Payment Option 4: Mailing Address for Amazon Credit Card Bill Pay

If you would like to mail your payment in to Amazon, get a check or money order made out to Synchrony/Amazon and write your account number on it (or include your remittance slip from the bill that you received in the mail) and send it off to:

Synchrony Amazon:

Synchrony Amazon Adress for Bills

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