Payment Methods for Store Card

By 0 No tags Permalink 0 is a premier online shopping destination that has grown considerably and consistently through the 2000s. They offer many different goods and provide a store credit card which may be used for purchases on the website.

Method 1: Online Payments

Making an online payment will require that the Store Card user has a login account with Synchrony Bank. To set up an online account, click the “Register your Store Card” button on the Store Card management login and fill out the fields to make the user ID and password for the site among other security checks. To conduct the online payment, use these directions:

  1. Go to the URL
  2. Type your account user ID into the box labeled “Store Card User ID”
  3. Click the yellow “Sign in…” button

Amazon Store Card Login Page

  1. Type your password if your security image is correct
  2. Place your mouse on “Payments” at the top of the screen and click “Make a Payment” in the dropdown menu
  3. Enter a payment amount
  4. Enter your checking account details
  5. Submit your payment

Method 2: Recurring Payments

Setting up automatic bill payments for the store credit card is very similar to making an online payment. After logging in to the site, hold the mouse over “Payments” at the top of the screen and select “Enroll in Recurring Payments.” Upon clicking that link, the cardholder will be asked to select a monthly payment amount as well as the payment source account. After this, some terms and conditions will be shown that the user will have to agree to before submitting his or her automatic payment request.

Method 3: Pay by Phone store credit card bills may be paid over the phone by calling the customer service line for Amazon credit cards, which is operated by Synchrony Bank. This line can be reached by dialing:
(866) 634-8379
When calling this phone number, the cardholder will go through a handful of automated menu options and be able to select the choice which best suits his or her needs in regards to their credit card account. For those who decide to make a payment by speaking with a customer service representative, there is a possibility that a service charge will be added to the transaction.

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Method 4:  Pay by Mail

Payments on an store credit card may be mailed to Synchrony Bank. To make a payment on an account using this method, the cardholder or someone acting in his or her interest will have to get a check or money order made out to Synchrony / Amazon and for the amount that the payer wants to submit. The credit card account number should be written on the check or money order if a bill slip is not included in the envelope. That should then get mailed to this address:

Synchrony Amazon adress

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