Dell Financial Services Payment Options

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Dell is one of the most-used computer brands in the world and they have a number of contracts to supply various business and government entities with computers. Their Dell Financial Services allows customers to make payments on large purchases over time, and the consumer portion of the service is referred to as Dell Preferred Accounts.

Dell Financial Services Online Payments

For those who would like to make their Dell Financial Services payments over the internet, you will need to begin at the Dell Financial Services login page to create your account. After navigating to that page, click the link in the “Create Profile” box to go to the forms to get the account created. You will be asked to enter your Dell Financial Services account number, select profile information and set up security questions among other actions. Once you have your account set up, you may make a payment online for your account balance as follows:

  • Go to the web address
  • Enter your user ID and password, then click the “Login” button
    DFS Login – Click to ENLARGE

    DFS Login – Click to ENLARGE

  • Click the “Pay” link, which you can find by your account number
  • Choose to make a payment and input your checking account information as well as selecting a payment amount
  • Submit and verify your payment to Dell Financial Services

Dell Financial Services Automatic Payments

After going through the steps as described above to create your account and go through the login process, click the “Pay” button. Once the bill summary loads for you, select the “Automatic Payment” link and input your bank account information as requested to set the Dell Financial Services automatic payment service up. This is the Auto Payment Form

Dell Financial Services Pay by Phone

The Dell Financial Services phone payment automated system can be reached by calling (866) 509-9319. Before calling to make a payment, you should have your Dell Preferred Account number, your checking account details and your zip code.

If you need to make a rushed payment on your account, you can do so by calling the same number before 8 p.m. CT from Monday to Friday. However, be aware that the processing fee for a payment made this way is $14.95.

Dell Financial Services Pay through the Mail

For payments on Dell Financial Services through the mail, get a check or money order made out to Dell Preferred Account and write the 19-digit account number on it. The payment coupon, which you should have received in the mail, must be included with the payment and the amount written in the “Amount Enclosed” area should be the same as the amount on the check or money order. Mail the payment to the following address:

Dell Preferred Account
Payment Processing Center
PO Box 6403
Carol Stream, IL 60197-6403

For more information, try the Dell payment options PDF and Pay by mail Dell

  • Tyler
    June 20, 2020

    How do i change my password in dfs site? ?

  • miriam
    June 20, 2020

    I changed my adress to somthing elses, and i need to inform Dell about this change how can i do it?

    • Payment
      June 21, 2020

      Hey Miriam.
      you can simply call Dell Financial ( (866) 509-9319) and infom them about your new adress

  • Rumana Huda
    June 3, 2020

    This is such an excellent option for us. No popular IT organization gives such option to its clients like Dell. I have visited their website where everything is very easy. I really love to be part of this.

    • Payment
      June 3, 2020

      Thank you for your comment 🙂

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