Chevron and Texaco Credit Card Payments

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Chevron and Texaco are energy companies with a strong focus on fossil fuels. They offer store and consumer credit cards for customers who are approved for them, which can be used for gas and other purchases.

Online Payments for Chevron and Texaco Credit Card

To be able to make an online payment on your Chevron or Texaco credit card, you will first have to register your card online. To do this, go to the Chevron and Texaco account login page and click the link under the sign in area that says “Register Here.” Complete the requested forms to create your account.

  • Starting at, click the button at the top of the page that says “Login to My Account”
  • Enter your user ID
  • Click the “Login” button
Chevron and Texaco Credit Cards Login Page

Chevron and Texaco Credit Cards Login Page Guide

  • Enter your password if your security image matches the one you chose during registration
  • In the quick links menu, select “Make a Payment”
  • Choose your payment amount
  • Input your checking account details
  • Submit the payment

Chevron and Texaco Credit Cards Payment Mailing Address

Whether the credit card you have has the Chevron or the Texaco brand logo printed on it, payments made by check through the mail should be made out to Chevron as the payee. There are two addresses to choose to send your check to depending on the timing that you need the payment processed by. If you are sending your payment in with enough time, which is usually five business days, to be credited to your account before it is considered late, send the payment to this address:

Synchrony Bank
Attn: Chevron and Texaco Card Services
PO Box 530950
Atlanta, GA 30353-0950

If you do not have the time for a standard mail payment to be delivered and processed before your account is marked as late, prepare your check in the same manner as above and mail the overnight or expedited payment to the following address:

Synchrony Bank
Attn: Chevron and Texaco Overnight Payment
485 Lake Mirror Road
Atlanta, GA 30349-6057

Chevron and Texaco Credit Card Pay by Phone

There are two different numbers that cardholders can call to make their Chevron or Texaco credit card payments, but only one of them will apply to the card that the customer has.

If you have one of the standard store credit cards from one of these gas stations, which is identified by the lack of a Visa logo, the pay by phone number is (800) 243-8766. And, if you have a consumer credit card that shows the Visa logo on the front of the credit card, you will be able to make your payments over the phone by calling (866) 448-4367.

Texaco and Chevron Credit Card Assistance

Should you encounter any issues with your Chevron or Texaco credit card or you have a question about any of their services, you should contact them through their Contact Us page or look through the credit cards’ FAQs section:

  • Abby
    June 19, 2020

    Hello my name is Abby, im trying to contact Chevron for more then a month now! but nobody seems to help…my bill is due, and i can’t pay it!! HELP!!

    • Payment
      June 20, 2020

      Hey Abby, you can do a couple of things:
      1. pay your Chevron bill through the online portal. you can find a guide on this page.
      2. you can call them (the numbers are on this page)
      3. you can just mail your Chevron / Texaco payment, you can find a berry field guide on this page.

      hope that helped 🙂

  • Paul Golja
    June 2, 2020

    Very interesting article, useful info about these payments and consumer credit cards nowadays. Cheers!

    • Payment
      June 5, 2020

      Thank you.

  • Tanya Klages
    February 11, 2020

    I am not able to pay my bill this month with my checking account like I normally do each month. I need to make a one time payment with my credit card. I will only need to make it this one time. When I called the automated service I was told I could only make a payment with my checking account. Why can’t I pay with my credit card? I have been a loyal customer for many years. I would hate to have to change companies because of this issue. Can you help me with this matter?

    Thank you,

    Tanya Klages

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