Credit First National Association Bill Payment

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Credit First National Association offers a specialized line of credit cards that can be used at various auto repair and maintenance facilities around the country. The main company that CFNA offers this service to is Firestone.

It should be noted that, at this time, in-store payments are not an option for Credit First National Association cardholders as the various retailers do not have the equipment required to provide such a service.

Credit First National Association Online Payments

Previous to you being able to make payments online for your Credit First National Association credit card balance, you will have to register your card through their website and create a login. To do this, go to the CFNA credit card registration page and fill out the forms as requested by the website. After supplying and submitting your information, you will be asked to agree to a consent form. Once that is done, your account will be ready for you to manage your card over the internet.

To make an online payment:

  • Once logged in, click the “View Payments” link
  • Choose the amount that you want to pay toward you balance
  • Select a date for the transaction to be processed
  • Enter your bank account information
  • Submit and confirm your online payment

CFNA Payment Mailing Address

For payments to be made on a Credit First National Association credit card balance through the mail, you will have to prepare a check or money order made out to Credit First NA and write your account number on the payment method. After getting the check or money order ready, mail it to the following CFNA address:

Credit First NA
PO Box 81344
Cleveland, OH 44188-0344

For more information, navigate to CFNA FAQ page, and click the “payment options” tab.

Credit First NA Pay by Phone

To make a payment over the phone on your Credit First National Association credit card account, you will have to call the pay by phone automated system by dialing (800) 321-3950. Follow the prompts given over the telephone system to complete your bill payment, and it is advised that you take down the confirmation in case any issues arise in the future. More information through the CFNA Contact Us Page.

Apply for a Credit First National Association Credit Card

If you would like to apply for an auto care credit card through Credit First NA, you may do so by completing the application forms, which are available online by clicking here.

  • Magan D
    June 29, 2020

    I can’t seem to remember my security question…i need it for my pass!

  • James Diffin
    June 14, 2020

    I tried to pay by phone and it didn’t work.

    • Payment
      June 21, 2020

      Hey. Try the help line they publish on their website: 1-800-321-3950 hope that helps.

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