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Over the years, the Internet has evolved from its birth in the early 1990s from merely a means to share information all across the world to one of the most culturally important aspects of modern life. Today, people all over the world use the Internet daily to keep in touch with family and friends, listen to music, and even make a living in various ways. To gain access to the wide world of the web, people everywhere usually sign up for Internet service, often by way of one of several companies who offer different service packages, and while these packages can be expensive, they are often faster depending on how much people are willing to pay. Some of the higher-level packages may offer other various perks. In this article, we’re going to talk about just one of those companies: CenturyLink. We will teach you how to register and sign up for CenturyLink’s Internet service. Following that, we will show you how to use your unique member details to log into your account and manage your service. It will be a simple two-step process, and we will hope to be as clear as possible to ensure that you fully understand.

Step 1: Register For Service

The first step you will want to tackle is signing up for CenturyLink’s service. As mentioned before, there are various packages you can choose from, some of which will have different perks, like higher speeds, if you’re willing to pay more. To get started, you will want to open your preferred web browser and navigate it to When you get to the home page, there will be a couple of choices available to you. CenturyLink offers many different services, but we are going to focus on Internet for this article. Near the top of the page you will see an “Internet” link. But before you click that, you might also want to confirm whether or not CenturyLink’s service is available in your area. To find this out, click the “Check For Services In My Area” button near the right side of the page.


When you click that, a box will open up asking if you are a new or returning customer. Click New Customers and the box will expand. Enter your address into the text box and then “Show My Options”. If CenturyLink’s service is available in your area, great!

New customer

Return to the home page and click on the Internet link. Next, choose a service package that fits your needs and budget. You will likely have to schedule an appointment to have a CenturyLink service tech come to your house and install the hardware necessary for your service to run.


Step 2: Logging In

Now that your service is up and running, your service tech likely gave you a unique username and password to write down so you can log into your member account and manage your service, pay your bill, and perform other related tasks. To log in, navigate your web browser to Enter your login details in the respective text boxes and click the “Sign In” button.

login page

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