Belk Credit Card Payment Options

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Belk is a retail chain department store that sells many different styles of clothing for men, women, children and babies. They also carry various home décor and furniture options as well as fashion accessories like purses and watches. They offer a Belk store credit card for those who would like to pay back the cost of their purchases over time.

Belk Credit Card Payment Option 1: Pay by Phone

To make a Belk credit card bill payment over the phone, the cardholder will call the Belk card customer service line, which is ran by Synchrony Bank. The phone number to conduct Belk credit card business over the phone is:
(800) 669-6550
For those who want to make a payment by speaking with a customer service representative rather than the automated system, there may be a service fee involved.

Payment Option 2: Pay through Mail

Payments on Belk store credit cards may be made through the mail as a payment method. To submit a payment this way, a check or money order will have to be prepared for the amount that the cardholder wishes to pay toward the balance and made out to Belk as the recipient. The cardholder’s account number should also be noted on the payment, then it should be sent to this address:
Belk payment adress

Method 3: Online Payments

To log in to the Belk credit card online management site, you will need to have a profile created through it first. The link to create a profile can be found on the page itself, it is under the login area and says “.” Occasionally, the registration forms will not load properly and you may be displayed a screen that says the page cannot be found. If this happens, click the back button on your browser and follow the link again – it should load properly the second time. Fill out all of the requested information to make your account.

To complete your payment:

  1. Go to the URL 
  2. Enter your user ID
  3. To save your user ID to the login page, click the check box by “Remember me”
  4. Click “Login”
Belk Rewards Card Login Page

Belk Rewards Card Login Page

  1. Enter your password
  2. Hold your mouse pointer over “Payments” at the top of the screen and a dropdown menu will appear. Click the “Make a Payment” link
  3. Input a payment amount
  4. Input your pay account details
  5. Submit the payment and verify the details by clicking “Make a Payment”
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  • Tommie L. Greene
    June 26, 2020

    Why don’t your IT folks design a system whereas a customer can click on “ONCE” and pay bills online. I have been through about 5 different sites and wasting time with all this crap! Guess I will forgo paying online and cancel card! I don’t want my life managed by some computer terminal!

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