AmeriGas Payment Options

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AmeriGas is one of the leading providers of propane in the United States. They offer many different subscription and one-time plans and setups when it comes to supplying a home or business with delivered propane.

AmeriGas Payment Option 1: Pay through Mail

For those who would like to make a payment through the mail, prepare a personal check, cashier’s check or money order made out to AmeriGas for the intended payment amount and write the AmeriGas account number on it. Send the payment to whichever of these addresses is closest to your home address:

AmeriGas adress payment 1

AmeriGas adress payment 2

AmeriGas adress payment 3

AmeriGas adress payment 4

Option 2: AmeriGas Phone Bill Payment

To make a payment over the phone on your AmeriGas bill, you will have to call their customer service line by dialing:
(866) 243-5470. (Click  9 and 1)
You may make a payment on your account via debit, credit or your checking account information. This is a free service available to AmeriGas subscribers.

Method 3: Online Payments

Before you can make a payment on your AmeriGas bill online, you will need to register your account through their website. This can be done by starting at their homepage of From there, click the big red “My Account” button which can be found at the top of the homepage. In the login area that loads, click the “Register” button on the right side of the screen under the “Create an Online Account” header and bulleted list. Upon clicking that button, you will be asked to go through a few pages of forms, which will help you get your online account set up.

Once your online access account has been made, you may make an online payment by following these steps:

  1. Go to the URL
  2. Click the “My Account” button at the top of the screen
  3. Enter your email address and password in the boxes labeled that way
  4. Click the “Login” button
AmeriGas Payments Login and Pay Guide
Dillards credit card application

AmeriGas Payments Login and Pay Guide

  1. Select Pay Bill
  2. Enter your payment options and the details for the account you will be paying from
  3. Confirm your payment to AmeriGas

Bill Pay Option 4: Recurring Payments

Using the login details both created and used with making regular online payments, AmeriGas customers may set up an automatic, monthly payment for their gas needs. To sign up for this, log in as described above and go to the Automatic Payment section, then fill out and submit your recurring payments request.

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