What I Think Makes a Good Bank

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When it comes to banks and banking, you already know the big name financial institutions that populate every area of the country much like a McDonalds or Wendy’s. The problem with these behemoth banking organizations is that, like the aforementioned fast food restaurants, the level of service is pretty abysmal when compared to smaller banks. And if we continue down this parallel between big banks and fast food, big banks end up leaving you queasy after charging time and again for various services and piling on fees until you feel like throwing up. I guess all those fees from big banks are the grease of the financial industry.


In any case, by now it should be pretty obvious that I am not really a fan of the way that most big banks operate. Not at all. So, for most intents and purposes, that kind of leaves me stuck with having to choose from a local credit union… or does it? As some of you may have picked up on from previous articles, I am a veteran. And since I was in the military for a number of years, I actually have access to some great financial institutions, one of which I actually consider to be the best bank available to anyone in the United States.

Credit Union Bank

But, first, I would like to talk about the credit union I am a part of: Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU). This institution is the one that I use for my day-to-day dealings and car loans. The reason that I choose NFCU for my car loans is because it is a credit union. Credit unions are superior to banks when it comes to these mid-size loans since they are technically member-owned, which often translates to better interest rates and an easier time being approved for any loan that you might be applying for.

America’s Best And Worst Banks 2015  (forbes).

However, what I consider to be the best financial institution available in the country is USAA. More sousaa credit cards than any other benefit I have ever received while in the military or after becoming a veteran, USAA has proven to be the single best thing that I have been granted access to. Every aspect of the company offers stellar customer service, and for many they offer the most affordable car and renters insurance, which will get you a discount if you sign up for both. Furthermore, USAA refunds any ATM fees you incurred throughout the month and they offer free advice concerning every aspect of your financial life from having kids and retirement planning to getting a home loan and protecting it with disaster insurance.

There simply isn’t a better bank in the country than USAA. However, as joining this bank is exclusive to military members and veterans as well as their family members; I can still confidently recommend any local credit union near you over one of the big financial institutions.

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