Walmart Money Card Guide

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Walmart offers a line of reloadable prepaid cards issued through Green Dot called Money Card that allows customers to use as a debit card, Visa card or MasterCard depending on what the customer orders. Although Visa and MasterCard logos can be found on some of these cards, all of the Money Card cards discussed herein are prepaid cards which must first have money loaded on to them to be able to have funds available for spending.

walmartmoneycardsAnd since the Walmart Money Cards are not true lines of credit there is no need to have someone who is looking to be a cardholder submit a credit report or to have his or her credit checked during the application process. Likewise, those who might experience difficulty opening or just can’t have a bank account will find these cards advantageous as they will mean not having to carry all of one’s cash around all the time.

How to Get a Walmart Money Card

There are two different ways that you can get a Walmart Money Card. You can either sign up for one online or you can visit any Walmart location and apply for one in person.

If you would like to sign up for one of these reloadable cards over the internet, you can do so by going to the Walmart Money Card Get A Card area. On that page, you will be asked to choose from one of the four following types of reloadable cards with how much it costs to start how much for monthly upkeep and how much it costs to reload the card noted for your convenience:

  • Walmart Money Card Basic – Free to purchase online, $1.88 if bought in stores. $3 monthly fee. $3 to reload.
  • Walmart Money Card Plus – $3 to purchase. $3 monthly fee. $3 to reload.
  • Walmart Money Card Specialty – $4 to purchase. $3 monthly fee. $3 reloads.
  • Walmart Money Card Preferred – $4 to purchase. $3 monthly fee. Free reloads. Note: The preferred card is the only one which allows setting money aside for later use as well as access to an expedited direct deposit system.

For the most part, these cards come with predetermined designs printed on the front of them. However, the Money Card Plus can be customized for personalization with any image that you would like to have printed on it. The fee to have this done is $4.95.

Also, all of the cards offered from Walmart except for the Basic can be used to pay bills online and send money to other people in the United States. Also, all but the Basic can have the monthly fee waived if a certain amount, depending on which card you have, has been loaded on to the account during a calendar month.

Activate a Walmart Money Card Account

If you have recently received a Walmart Money Card and it still needs to be activated, you can do so by filling out the forms beginning at This is only required if you signed up for your card over the internet. If you signed up for one in a store, you will instead need to go to Walmart Money Card Set Up a Card and fill out the information as required. In both cases, you will need to have your Money Card available to pull information from, most important of which is the actual 16-digit card number printed on the front of it.

Manage Your Walmart Money Card Account Online

To be able to sign in to your account information online, you will need to create an online Money Card account. After your online profile has been created, you can manage your account online by logging in to your online account.

Walmart MoneyCard Log In – Access Your Account

How to Add Funds to a Walmart Money Card

Those looking to reload a Walmart Money Card have a few options available to them, including direct deposit, rapid reload, online bank transfer and more.

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To set up a direct deposit straight into the card, you can start the sign up process by going to the Enroll in Direct Deposit page. The rapid reload system merely means taking the card to any register at a Walmart, have the card swiped and add any cash straight to the card which becomes instantly available. To set up a bank transfer to your Money Card, you will have to log in as described in the previous section and get the card’s routing and account numbers to add to the information as requested by your regular bank. Any pre-printed government or payroll check can also be loaded straight into a Money Card, and there are no fees associated with this type of reload. Also, money can be added to a Walmart Money Card balance by using any of the Walmart MoneyCenter Express machines, which can often be found in or near the customer service areas of the stores.

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