How Walmart Employees Can Access Work Info Online

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Walmart, the largest corporate employer in the world, has a website that allows its employees access to various work-related items through a specific website called with a secondary web property being Walmart Benefits.

What can Walmart associates do once they are logged in to the site?

Although I am not a Walmart associate myself, there is still a ton of information available about the website since there are just so many employees across the United States giving their various ideas and input about it. The site offers its employees access to some interesting stuff, which includes the ability to check a work schedule and follow along with what benefits the employee has earned access to.  Employees can also search for answers from other Walmart associates by reaching out and connecting with them via some sort of messaging system or forum (if you are an employee, some clarification on this in the comments would be greatly appreciated).

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How would I go about making a user ID and password so I can access the site?

First, you will have to get hired by Walmart, which I assume you have already done since you are still reading this article. Second, you will need to follow these directions:

  • Make your way on over to (if you are not already there)
  • Click the register button, which you can see in this image as circled and pointed to with the red arrow (the green circles are where you will log in once you have your user ID and password, which I’ll mention in the next question).
  • You will then be informed of some materials and information you will need to complete the form to create your account. If you have everything mentioned on this page, click the “Go” button
  • Fill out all of the forms required by the website to get your account created. You will have to have your employee number, various personal information and more to complete these steps

How can I log in to the Walmart Benefits website now?

All you will have to do is head over to the login page for (or Walmart Benefits, whichever you are more comfortable using), and enter your user ID and password into the fields marked as such. Then, as I am really hoping you could have figured out on your own, click that big ol’ yellow “LOGIN” button.

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