Changes Are Coming to the Walgreens Balance Rewards Card

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balancerewards pointsAs some of you customers of Walgreens may have already heard, there are a number of fairly large sweeping changes coming to the company’s Balance Rewards card. If you do not know, the Walgreens Balance Rewards card is the pharmaceutical convenience store hybrid retail chain’s rewards program that allows its customers to earn points and discounts towards future purchases made within the store. Also, when used at the register when making a purchase, the Balance Rewards card often offers up immediate discounts on hundreds of items used throughout the store. Across the board, the changes that are coming to the card involve pharmacy purchases. Now, let us move on to discussing what changes are in store for the program.

Pharmacy Changes that Will Affect All Balance Rewards Members

Every single person who has a Balance Rewards card from Walgreens will now be given the exact same amount of points for whatever they purchase in regards to prescriptions and immunizations received at the pharmacy section of the stores. For standard prescription purchases, cardholders will receive a flat one hundred points that will be credited directly to the card for later use. Similarly, those who receive any immunization at a Walgreens store will see one hundred points added to their store rewards cards.

However, where the points differ in regards to medications received at a Walgreens store, those who get 90-day prescriptions (rather than the standard week long or month long prescription) will have a full three hundred points added to their rewards card accounts.

Additionally, there is a limit on the number of points that one can earn towards a Walgreens Balance Rewards card over the course of any given year. However, given the number of points that can be earned, a customer would be incredibly hard pressed to ever see that limit reached, since it is a whopping 50,000 points. Reaching that limit would require between 167 and 500 prescriptions or immunizations to be purchased through a Walgreens, not to mention any of the points earned through standard purchases for snacks, drinks, etc. that the stores offer.

There are also a couple local programs that are coming to local offerings for rewards card members, and these are being done to normalize the entire program. The first of note is that Austin, Milwaukee, Nashville and Cleveland will lose their special programs as well as the 10 points per one dollar spent on any product in stores found in Arkansas, New Jersey and New York. To find out more, visit

For more information about the program details:


How do I get a Walgreens account?

A: Yes, your Walgreens store can start an account for you. Just provide your email address at the pharmacy and you will receive an email with a registration link. Select the email message to get started.

How do I check my Walgreens prescription status?

Order Status. For non-prescription or non-photo order status, please call Customer Service toll free at 1-877-250-5823 for assistance.

Can I get a Walgreens card online?

To earn points online, sign in to your account. In store, provide your phone number, the mobile card, or present your physical card. ... If you would like a physical card, visit your local Walgreens or Duane Reade and ask a sales associate to link a physical card to your membership.

How do I get a Walgreens express pass?

How to use your Express PassBring your pass with you to the pharmacy before its expiration date. We've sent a pass link to you via text message. Or, use Apple Wallet. ... Head to the dedicated in-store line or drive-thru line.Show or scan your pass, we'll verify your information, and you will receive you › pharmacy › expresspickuppassbarcode_newPass Generated | Express Pickup Pass - › pharmacy › expresspickuppassbarcode_new

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