Checking the Balance of a Visa Gift Card

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Visa Gift Cards have become surprisingly popular over the years, though in retrospect it really makes sense that they would take off as they have. The fact that there are now thousands of online marketplaces for people to shop at as well as so many different brick and mortar stores in existence makes gift shopping in general a little tricky since everyone has their own tastes in what they would want. It has allowed those who wish to give a gift to let the recipient actually get something they want rather than possibly be disappointed, and this has in turn meant the natural uptick in Visa Gift Cards sold.

For those who have a Visa Gift Card and would like to check the balance on the card, continue reading for information on how to do just that.

Check Visa Gift Card Balance Online

There are two ways that you can check your Visa Gift Card balance online, one requires registering the card and the other does not. Both of these options can be found at the Visa Gift Card balance check site, where you will want to start by taking one of two actions.

My Visa Gift Card check balance

The first is to register your Visa Gift Card and receive access to a handful of other benefits as well, which include organizing multiple gift cards, receiving exclusive discounts and more. This can be done by clicking the large orange button that says “Register Card & Get Balances” on the page linked to above. This will take you to the registration area where you will have to enter your Visa Gift Card number and expiration date. From there, you will set up your login information for the website, which will be your email address and a password. After that, you will log in to your account at the Visa Gift Card sign in page, which will show you your balance(s) upon signing in.

If you would like to not register the card or have to log in, you can simply go to the first link posted above and then click on the grey button underneath the lead-in image that says “View card balance and transactions.” After that, simply enter your Visa Gift Card number (the one printed on the front of the card), the expiration date for the card, and the 3-digit CVV2 code, which can be found on the back of the card after the signature panel. After this, you will be shown your gift card’s balance and any transactions that it has been used for.

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