Information about Your Prepaid Visa Gift Card

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Visa gift cards are becoming more and more popular with so many people have more varied and unique interests. Instead of trying to shop for someone on your list who has proven difficult in the past to shop for, a prepaid Visa gift card lets someone know you were thinking about him or her on whatever gift giving occasion might be on the calendar.

On that note, receiving a prepaid Visa gift card can be a great gift from a friend, family member or won through a work function. The reason these are so good to receive is for the same reasons these are so good to give someone – you will get to choose the best gift for yourself, use it as supplemental funds toward a larger purchase, buy something that your household actually needs, or even make a payment on one of your bills if you so wish.

If you have found yourself the recipient of a prepaid Visa gift card, you may have a few questions about how to check the balance on the gift card account online, and this guide will help to walk you through the process of doing exactly that.

Checking the Prepaid Visa Gift Card Balance Online

Unlike the regular credit cards that you are likely accustomed to, these prepaid Visa gift cards do not require you to have a regular login profile set up to manage the card. Instead, when you go to the card balance log in area, you will enter information directly from your prepaid Visa gift card into the login fields. These fields are the 16 digit credit card number on the front of it and the card security code which is often referred to as a CVV number and this can be found on the backside of the prepaid Visa gift card and it is a 3 digit number just after the signature panel.

After entering those numbers from the gift card, you are going to have to verify that you are a human being by copying the letters and numbers in the shaded box underneath the card security code field and enter those alphanumeric characters in the text entry field just under the code itself. After you are satisfied that you have correctly entered the code and the log in numbers, click the “Log In” button.

Prepaid Visa Gift Card Login

As soon as you are logged in, you will be presented with your prepaid Visa gift card account balance and you can view your card history as well as complete other actions that one might want to do concerning a Visa gift card.

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