How To Apply for Credit Card & Make Payments

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What is your fashion style of choice? Are you the kind of person who wants to follow the latest and biggest trend in fashion while blending in with your group of friends, or do you prefer to mix and match from different styles to create your own trend and blaze a path of your own?

Fashion has become one of the biggest and most profiting businesses in modern society, with a good majority of its success being in debt to the modeling industry and the millions of dollars spent on advertisements or paid sponsorships in a given year.

Either way you look at it, the fashion industry is here to stay and has nowhere to go but up. For those clothing items to sell, they are often bought at stores or online from one of the hundreds of boutiques and fashion specialty shops found all over the world and on the world wide web. Many of these online shops also offer credit card services, which often come with the chance to accrue rewards points along with other perks.

One of these online shops is Venus ( and in this guide we will be showing you first how to apply for a credit card with Venus. Following that, in part two of the guide, you’ll learn where to go in order to make a payment on your card.

Applying For Credit Card

Part one of this guide will show you how you can apply for a Venus credit card via their website.

To get started on this, head to the website on your computer via your preferred web browser. When you reach the home page, scroll all the way down to the bottom where you will see a small menu. On this small menu, look for a “Venus Card” link and click it: This is the beginning of your journey to being a Venus credit card holder.

apply link

The next page will have two different paths to take.

If you are a returning customer with a current account, enter your email and password into the provided text boxes and click Sign In. If you’re a new customer, look to the right and click “Create Account” to sign up for an online account.

Either way, after logging in, follow any further instructions given to you by the website to successfully complete your application.

venus application page

Managing Your Card & Making Payments

Granted that your credit card application was accepted and you have received and started using the card, you’ll have to make a payment at some point in order to keep interest from accruing.

To do that, return to and click “Venus Card” as done in step one. On the next page, click “Manage My Card” to the right of the image.

manage credit card

This is the direct link:

Log into your account once more if you are not already logged in and follow any instructions given to you by the website in order to make a payment.

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