US Airways MasterCard Credit Card Details (Now the American Airlines AAdvantage card)

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The US Airways MasterCard is no longer being issued since US Airways joined forces with American Airlines (or, more accurately, was swallowed whole by AA). That being the case, those looking to get a credit card that applies to US Airways and/or American Airlines flights and rewards will want to use the AAdvantage MasterCard. To learn more about this credit card and what its benefits include, this article will discuss the most important features and details such as the APR, rewards miles and more.

US Airways Credit Card Payment Web Page Worth Saving

US Airways – AAdvantage Credit Card Rate

Depending on your “creditworthiness” (We agree, that term is absolutely atrocious) and how you used the available funds from the card. For regular purchases, the regular annual percentage rate (APR) of theAAdvantage Platinum Select MasterCard comes in intervals. The possible APR that card applicants can receive are 13.99 percent, 15.99 percent, 17.99 percent, 19.99 percent and 21.99 percent.
However, if you are planning on applying for an AAdvantage MasterCard, you should be aware that the variable penalty interest rate rockets up to 29.99 percent. That means that they can turn your interest rate into 29.99 percent if you make any mistake whatsoever like a forgotten or late payment or if your payment gets returned for some reason.
Also, if you use your AAdvantage credit card at an ATM or use it to receive cash while making a purchase, the APR on any cash advances is 25.24 percent no matter what your standard APR is.

AAdvantage Card Features and Rewards

If you become a cardholder, you will receive a handful of benefits alongside your line of credit. These include things like having your first luggage checked back be free of charge on domestic flights with American Airlines, earn bonus miles for simply using the card, getting early boarding when traveling with American Airlines, and round trip tickets for redeeming AAdvantage rewards miles.
Additional benefits that come included with the AAdvantage MasterCard are a 25 percent discount on most purchases made on American Airlines flights (snacks, drinks, headphones, etc.), a 10 percent return on any AAdvantage miles spent up to 10,000 miles annually, earn twice as many miles for purchases made through American Airlines, and there is no maximum amount of miles that a cardholder can accrue.

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