Union Plus Card Payment Methods

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Union Plus is a credit card available through Capital One that works like most other credit cards. There are a handful of ways to make payments on an account, which you can read about below.

Option #1: Pay Union Plus Card Bill over the Phone

You may make a payment over the phone with Union Plus. To get your payment going on your account with Union Plus by using their telephone payment system, you would need to dial their pay by phone number at (800) 651-5116. You ought to have your account number easily available when phoning to get your payment done using this technique. You should also make sure to be ready to give your personal info, which is used to identify who you are. This will also help make certain that the proper account is credited with payment when paying your bill over the phone.

Option #2: Union Plus Card Payments Online

To make a payment online for your Union Plus Card, you are first going to need to register the card online, which you can do by going to the Union Plus enrollment form. When going through the enrollment form, you will be asked to enter various pieces of information like the last four of your social security number, the number of your card account and more, this also includes creating your login ID and password for the site. With those created, you can make your payment as follows:

  1. Go to the unionpluscard.com pay bill page
  2. Click the “Online Bill Payment Services” link
  3. Enter your login ID and password
  4. Click the login button

Union Plus Card Login

  1. Go to the credit card page
  2. Choose to make an online payment
  3. Input your billing information
  4. Submit the bill pay transaction

Option #3: Mail In Payments for Union Plus Card

You may create a payment through the post on your account with Union Plus. There really are a few items you will have to do before this payment is made by you, though. If you do not have the return slip that came in the mail with an invoice, you need to write your account number on the paper payment that you’re sending in. When paying your bill through the post payment approaches which are enabled include personal check, cashier’s check or money order. Send it to the following address once you have the check or money order able to be sent for your Union Plus card bill pay transaction:

Main payment adress
If you need to send your payment overnight, mail it to this address:

overnight mail

More information through this Capital One card services contact page

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