Accessing Menards Employee Website

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Menards is a privately-owned chain of home-improvement stores that can be found spread across a handful of states in the Midwest. The chain has over 250 stores in its area of operation. Throughout these stores and the company’s various corporate locations, Menards has around 45-thousand employees.

To help streamline the management of all of these workers, Menards has put together a website where employees from both the retail and the corporate entities of the company can log in and gather information about their employment.

How to Access the Menards Employee Website

Getting to and logging in to the website for Menards employees is an uncomplicated process. Follow these instructions to get there and log in:

  1. Navigate to the tm.menards login page
  2. Type in your team member number (which is also sometimes referred to as an employee number)
  3. Type in your password
  4. Click the “LOGIN” button

TM Menards Login

How to Find Your Team Member Number (Employee Number) and Password

For Menards employees who have yet to log in to the site and are wondering where to get the team member number and password to be able to log in to their online account, there are two locations you can get this information from. Depending on if you work within an actual Menards store or if you work for the corporate entity, you will have to contact the correct person that corresponds to your type of employment.

Those who work in the retail locations will need to get in contact with either the store’s or region’s general manager or the HR coordinator to receive the employee number and account password.

Menards employees who work for the corporate side of the company will need to contact their office’s payroll administrator to receive the login credentials.

In either case, if you are unsure of who exactly you should speak to when looking for this information, you should speak directly to your supervisor or manager and he or she will point you in the right direction.

Information Available at the Website

There are a number of benefits for those who access the TM Menards employee website. These benefits come in the form of information which is important to employees as a whole and includes details like work schedule update alerts, payroll details, employment agreements, employee documentation and training information.

If You Lose Your Password

Menards employees can easily update a lost password by going to the website’s lost password page.

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