Swiss Colony Credit Payment Methods

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Swiss Colony is a food-goods shop that most customers use to purchase gifts for others. The brand offers a line of credit to customers as well, allowing them to buy presents for friends and family for an occasion and then make payments over time on the

Option 1: Swiss Colony Credit Payments through the Mail

If you would like to pay your Swiss Colony credit account bill by sending a payment through the mail, you may do so with either a check or a money order. Make sure to write your account number on the payment method itself as well as make the payment out to Swiss Colony. Once you have it prepared, mail the check or money order to the following address:

The Swiss Colony
Swiss Colony Credit Payments through the Mail adress

Swiss Colony Bill Pay Option 2: Phone

To make a payment over the phone on your Swiss Colony line of credit, you can do so by calling the company’s pay by phone system through dialing (800) 914-1459. While submitting your bill pay over the phone using this line is more efficient when using your Swiss Colony account number, you may also finish the transaction by supplying your social security number.

Option 3: Online Payments through the Portal

Like many other lines of credit available through retail businesses, online payments can be made on a Swiss Colony account as well. However, there is one caveat that Swiss Colony customers should be aware of: To make an online payment, the transaction must be at least a minimum of $5.

To apply for, use and pay for a credit line through Swiss Colony, you will have to go to the Swisscolony Registration page, which asks for information about you, what you want your login credentials to be, and for your Swiss Colony credit account number.

Once your online account has been set up, you may log in and make a payment on your credit line from the company by following this guide:

  1. Navigate to the Swiss Colony home page by going to
  2. Click the link in the top-middle of the page that says “Buy Now, Pay Later”
  3. On the page that loads, click the button that says “Make a Payment”
  4. Enter your account email address and password
  5. If you are on a private computer and wish to save your email address to the login page, click the check box by “Remember me”
  6. Click the “Sign In” button
Swiss Colony Credit Card Login

Swiss Colony Credit Card Login Page Instructions

  1. Go to payments
  2. Select the balance payment amount
  3. Input the details for your payment source
  4. Submit the payment

Helpful Links and Information:

Swiss colony
Phone: (800) 914-1459
cash, check, credit card

PO Box 2811
Monroe, WI 53566-8011

Swiss Colony Payment FAQ page
Email Swiss Colony

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