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The Division of Corporations as ran by the Florida state department offers companies a number of ways to stay up to date with their required filings, which must be handled annually whether a business is a small shop,  at-home business or a large multi-national corporation that operates anywhere within the state of Florida.

The website and all of the items discussed herein can be found at the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations website

Filing a Current Year Annual Report

Note: This also includes filing an Amended Annual Report.

When at the website, you will see a large button prominently displayed at the top of the screen that says “File Current Year Annual Report or Amended Annual Report,”  which you will want to click to get started on this process. To get started on filing your report or amended report, find the document number for the business and enter it into the field below “Document Number” and click the “Submit” button to continue. From there, fill out the forms as required and supply any necessary documentation to keep your business up to date and legal within Florida.

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Sunbiz File Annual Report

To complete the filing of your annual report to Florida, the information that you will need to supply includes some relatively nominal things. These include the document number itself to get the process started (you  can find the document number on the notice sent by the Division of Corporations or on  the website itself by searching through  the website’s records), the Federal  Employer Identification number (also often referred to as a FEI or FEIN – these are nine digit numbers that look similar to Social Security numbers and should be easily found within your business’ documents), an email address that you check regularly and – if you would like to pay  for the filing online – a major credit card that has the label of Visa,  MasterCard or American Express.

Additional Services Available from Division of Corporations Website

Along with filing the above mentioned important paperwork at,  there are a handful of important services that you can use while at the site. These include looking up business names while looking to legalize a new business (this helps to ensure that you  do not share a company name with another), file various forms online, conducting research on available business certifications and more.

Other e-filing services available through Florida’s Division of Corporations site include:

  • Reinstatement
  • Fictitious Business Name Registration
  • Name Renewal
  • Judgment Lien Filings
  • …and many more, which can be found through this link.

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