Pay Your Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative Bill

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As the name implies, the Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO) provides electric services to those who live in the southern part of the state of Maryland. As their coverage area is relatively small, the coop itself is a fairly small utility provider, though they receive fairly good reviews for their customer service and accessibility.

How do I make an online payment for my SMECO bill?

For those of you who haven’t already created an online account to pay your bill through the internet, you can do so at the SMECO new user registration forms. After creating your login information, you can make your online payment by following these instructions:

  • Go to the SMECO bill pay portal
  • Enter your user name and password
  • Click the “Sign in” button
  • Go to Online Bill Payments
  • Choose how much you would like to pay
  • Input your payment details
  • Submit the SMECO online payment
  • Verify your details to have your bill pay processed


There are actually quite a few different ways that you can make a payment on your account other than through the online way described above. Find your preferred method below:

Automatic Payments

To sign up for AutoPay through SMECO, you will need to enroll in the service by filling out an online form and submitting it to the energy provider. After setting up your AutoPay account, your payment source will be billed and withdrawn from each month to cover your electricity costs without you having to do anything further.

Payments Over the Phone

Using your checking account information or a major credit card (Visa, Discover or MasterCard), you can submit a payment on your SMECO account over the phone by dialing their Direct Pay service any time of day at (866) 528-7757. (This is an important news peace from SMECO in that context)

Pay through the Mail

To make a payment through the mail on your SMECO account balance, you will need to prepare a check or a money order made out to Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative and write your account number somewhere on the payment itself. Then, stuff it in an envelope alongside a love poem (optional) and mail it to the following address:

Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative
PO Box 743002
Atlanta, GA 30374-3002

More information through the SMECO Contact Us page

In-person Payments

There are two SMECO locations which allow you to make a payment in person at, and they are both open from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 4 pm. They are not open on holidays. These addresses are:

15065 Burnt Store Road


23365 Hollywood Road

More information

Payments through Global Express

To make a SMECO payment using Global Express (which is akin to a Western Union of sorts but local to Southern Maryland), visit one of the following locations:

Paying Electric Bills Globel Express Locations

Paying Electric Bills Globel Express Locations

Helpful Links

Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO)
Phone: (866) 528-7757
Fax: 410-630-3554
cash, check, credit card, invoice

15065 Burnt Store Road
Hughesville, MD 20637-1937


How do I pay my OGE bill?

To find the nearest option, check the complete agent list or contact Customer Service from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays at 405-272-9741 (Oklahoma City) or 800-272-9741 (all other areas). By Phone: Pay your electric bill by telephone through your checking or savings account.

Can I pay my OG&E bill at Walmart?

Just take your Wake Electric bill stub to a Walmart MoneyCenter or the Customer Service desk. You can pay with cash, Walmart MoneyCard or PIN-based debit card. (Sorry, no money orders, checks or credit cards).

What does OG E mean?

Oklahoma Gas & Electric Company (branded as OG+E or "O-G-and-E") is a regulated electric utility company that serves over 843,000 customers in Oklahoma and Arkansas, including 1.5 million people in the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area.

How do I pay my PG&E bill by credit card?

To pay your energy statement by phone, call 1-877-704-8470, and have your 11-digit account number ready. *Why do I have to pay a convenience fee? PG&E has partnered with an independent payment provider to provide you with the option of using your credit card or electronic check to make payments.

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