How to Access ePay

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EPay was founded in the year 2001. Before this service was established, the industry was still in its conception stages, and no one – not even the biggest suppliers – had more than a handful of years experience with online payments.  Now, over a decade later, the four pioneers are still overseeing the company, and, in the meantime, the firm has grown slowly but steadily.  The staff has expanded, the company reloacted to Aalborg, and an office has been opene d in Norway.

These days, ePay is one of the Nordic region’s largest payment service providers.  Their long-standing experience with online payments has made them a valuable business partner to both small and independent webshop owners, as well as large, multi-national corporations.  Here are the steps you must take in order to access and use ePay for your e-store business.

Step 1: Choose a Payment Solution

An online payment solution is like a credit card terminal that sits on your website.  It’s a virtual terminal that allows your customers to purchase their goods online.  While it is entirely possible to run an e-store without a payment service, your customers would then have to pay using online banking – which isn’t as convenient since the payment process is slower, meaning the money would take longer to make its way to your bank so you can ship product.  You can choose between three different payment solutions for your business.  Read about them here before making a decision.

Epay Payment Methods

Epay More Payment Methods

Step 2: Create an ePay account

You will need to create an ePay account in order to set up a payment solution for your website.  When the account is up and running, you will receive a test merchant number, which is used to creating a test payment.

You can create an account here.  It only takes a few minutes, and is free with no strings attached.  Your ePay subscription starts the day your merchant agreement is received and your account is fully activated, meaning you can begin processing real payments.  If you already have a previous merchant agreement, but do not want it activated just yet, please state thus in the comment field during the registration process.

Epay Plans

Step 3: Set up ePay on your website

There are three ways to integrate ePay on your website:

  1. Payment window

The most popular solution, as it’s a quick and simple way to accept payments.

  1. Payment module

Various modules are offered for a number of shop options. If you opt to use one of these systems, you simply need to install a module to accept payments.

  1. Hosted payment form

            Your payment form is set up on secure servers.  Set-up and design will be handled to fit the layout of your site.

Payment Modules

Step 4: Meet the Requirements

There will be a number of requirements placed on your website.  It is imperative that you meet these requirements.  Below is a short description of these requirements:

In addition, if you accept recurring payments, you must provide more information.  For example, the criteria for subscription payments must be included on the terms and conditions.  Also, your customers must approve these terms when registering.

Step 5: Apply for a merchant agreement

A merchant agreement with your acquirer determines which payment cards you can accept.  The acquirer handles the money transfer from your customer’s account to yours.  You arrange with your acquirer which account the money should go into.

The acquirer will start processing your application after receiving it.  Among other things, they will run a credit rating check of your company, which may delay the process.  For a status update on your application, you need to contact your acquirer.  You should allow a processing time of 4-6 weeks for your agreement to be approved and activated.

Step 6: Activate your merchant agreement

When your agreement has been set up by the acquirer, a copy of the agreement is sent over to ePay (if you have chosen ePay as your priver per your application.)  If you already have a merchant agreement, Please send it via email here

When ePay receives your merchant agreement, they connect the agreement to your account and notify you by email.  You are now fully ready to accept online payments on your site.  Please feel free to use the contact us page for activation if we haven’t activated your agreement within 24 hours.

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