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Sears Card logoSears is a department store that made its original claim to fame by selling goods to customers around the country through a mail-order catalogue. The company’s store cards come in two primary forms, a standard Sears Card and Sears MasterCards. You can make payments on both by following the directions below.

How do I make a login for online access to my account?

Make your way on over to the website searscard.com. You will see a button on the page that says “Register,” which I have marked up with purple for the image in the next question, click that button. Fill out all the forms with the requested information and, in that process, you will also choose a User ID and password for logging in.

How do I make a payment online for my Sears Card?

  • Go to the Searscard.com Login page
  • Input your user ID and password
  • If you want to have the site save your login ID, click the box that says “Remember my User ID”
  • Click the “Sign On” button

Sears Card login

Dillards credit card application

  • Go to the bill payment section
  • Enter the amount you want to pay
  • Enter your bank account and routing numbers
  • Submit the payment and verify the details are correct to confirm payment

What is the mailing address for Sears Card payments?

If you would like to send your Sears Card payment through the mail, make your check or money order out to Sears, write your account number on it and mail it to one these addresses based on your time needs and which card you have:

If you have a Sears MasterCard, mail your payment to:

Sears MasterCard Payments
PO Box 183082
Columbus, OH 43218-3082

For those of you who have regular Sears Cards and are on time with your payment, send it to:

Sears Card Payments
PO Box 183081
Columbus, OH 43218-3081

And if you have to overnight or rush your payment in, send it to:

Sears Payment Center/Overnight
1500 Boltonfield St
Columbus, OH 43228

Am I allowed to make payments in stores?

Absolutely, you can actually make a payment at any Sears location as well as any Kmart store. All you have to do is take your Sears Card to one of those stores and present it to the cashier while informing them that you would like to make a payment. For the nearest Sears location, visit their store locator. And, click here to visit the Kmart store locator.

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