Information about Santander Bank

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Santander Bank is primarily located in the Boston area of Massachusetts with a number of branches and ATMs located in a fairly wide vicinity to that area. They provide banking products to their customers. Santander Bank was at one time known as Sovereign Bank, and only recently changed over to the name they go by now.

What Kind of Services are Available at Santander Bank

There are many different services that Santander Bank offers its customers. These include various banking products for personal, business and corporate accounts. From regular checking and savings to all sorts of personal, business and corporate loan programs, you will be able to find the financial services you need to conduct any of your financial matters through Santander Bank.

To find a Santander Bank, use their Branch and ATM Search service from their website or use your favorite mapping program.

How to Get and Use an Online Login with Santander Bank

To sign up for services with Santander Bank, you are actually going to have to visit one of their locations and talk to one of the bankers that they have available to help. During this sign up process, you will need to tell them which of the services that you would like to sign up for and you will also be given the opportunity to create your online login while you are still in the bank. However, if you forgo that last portion of the bank account sign up option, you are going to have to go to the Santander Bank Online Enrollment page and follow the link at the bottom that says “Enroll Now.” After following that link, you you will be asked to fill out an Online Banking Application, which asks for a plethora of information, including but not limited to your full name, your full home address and your email address. From there, you will be asked to enter various pieces of information about your account with them, including things like your bank account number and your Social Security number.

Santander Online Banking

After you have filled out and submitted all of the information on the Online Banking Application, you will be given online access to your account. To actually access it, go to the Santander Bank Login (which used to be the Sovereign Bank login), and enter the user Id that you created when going through the online banking forms. After you click the “Submit” button, you will be asked to verify your identity with password and then you will be able to conduct all of your online banking needs from wherever you might be.

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