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Do you manage your money through any sort of card? Perhaps a check card or prepaid debit card through your bank or credit union? In today’s fast-paced digital world, millions of people around the world have come to rely on making their purchases through one form or another of card, and they often arrange to have their bi-weekly paychecks from work directly deposited into prepaid debit cards.

Even moreso, many also use credit cards to make bigger purchases and help build a reliable credit score, ensuring that they will pass a credit check when they decide to purchase a car or a house, or even other luxuries such as boats or high-end electronics. There are many varieties of prepaid debit card available through Visa. Today we will be focusing on just one of those many varieties, RushCard.

Through a simple two-step process, we will teach you first how to enroll and apply for a RushCard through the official online website, Following that you will learn how to log in to your new RushCard account, making it easy for you to manage your funds from the comfort of your home or office. We will try to be as clear and concise as possible so you can follow along easily.

Step 1: Enroll and Apply

For step one of this process, we will be showing you how to enroll in and apply for a prepaid Visa RushCard. To get started on the process, open your favorite web browser and navigate to in the address bar. When you make it to the home page, click the green “Get A Rushcard” button link.

On the next page, you’ll be presented with a selection of cards from which to choose from. Find the card that fits your needs and budget, and make your choice using the arrows. Next, scroll down slightly and you will see a selection of two different plans. One of these plans will have a monthly fee attached to it, and the fee will be lower depending on whether you are opting to use direct deposit. The other plan will likely be a Pay-As-You-Go plan which will carry a $1.00 fee on every purchase. Select a card and plan before continuing on. Follow any further instructions on the next few pages and your account will be successfully activated. You will likely create a unique Login ID and Password in the process. You will use it in the next step to log into your new account.

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Step 2: Account Login

We come to the second and final step of this simple process. To log into your new account, return to the homepage at on your web browser and locate the purple “Account Login” button on the top right of the page. A box will pop up that will contain two boxes for you to fill out. Enter your unique Login ID and Password created during your account registration process. Press the Login button and you are all set! We hope this guide has been simple enough for you to follow.

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