How to Access CitiBank DOES Card

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Have you recently lost your job due to circumstances outside of your own control? This can happen in any number of ways. Perhaps your company merged with another and they had to lay a number of employees off because they could no longer afford to keep them on payroll, and you just happened to be on that list.

It is an unfortunate reality, and it happens almost every day to hundreds of working citizens across the world. But it does not have to be all gloom and doom if it does happen to you. Once you are out of a job, your first instinct will almost always be to begin looking for another place to work. But that could take some time, and in the interim, you should also consider looking into applying for unemployment benefits, especially if you have a local employment assistance service in your city.. Unemplyment is a federally-funded program that assists out-of-work people with trying to find a new job by sending them a bi-weekly stipend, which helps them with basic needs such as food. On top of that, if you currently hold a checking account with CitiBank, you can obtain a pre-paid debit card, which all of your unemployment money will be loaded onto, much like a direct deposit would go into your checking account. In this article we will show you how to sign up for unemployment services, and following that, how to access Citibank’s DOES card.

Step 1: Apply For Benefits

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Step 2: Access Your Card

After your application is accepted and you have received your CitiBank DOES card in the mail, you’ll be able to log onto on your preferred web browser and access your account. This will help you manage your unemployment funds easily from your home. During your registration process you most likely created a unique username and password for your account. Enter these into the respective textboxes and click Log In. From there, you will be all set to go! We hope this article has been a big help to you, and wish you good luck in the future.

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