Peoples Gas Payment Methods

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One of the primary natural gas suppliers for people who live in Chicago, IL, Peoples Gas provides natural gas utilities for homes and businesses throughout the city. Customers have a few different ways to pay their bill, which can be read about here.

Budget Billing

Peoples Gas offers budget billing, which allows customers to pay for the average amount of estimated gas as figured by the gas company each quarter than the price for the actual amount used. In essence, it allows customers to keep their accounts from dips and spikes in their monthly invoices and makes it easier to budget their finances.

Option 1: e-Bill and Online Payments

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Online payments will require that you begin by setting up your online access by registering here. To register, you will need to supply your Peoples Gas account number, name and last four of your SSN or TIN before going on to set up your login credentials and account creation confirmation. Also, you should keep in mind that once you sign up for e-Bills, you will not receive any more paper invoices.
To pay your bill online, simply head to Peoples Gas bill pay and log in with your username and password. After logging in, choose to make a payment toward your account and input the details for the checking account or money market account that you will pay your bill from, submit the information and confirm the details to complete the transaction.

Option 2: Online “Quick” Payments without Logging In

If you prefer to not have to log in to online accounts, you can make a Peoples Gas bill payment through the Bill Matrix system by going to the Peoples Gas bill payment center. You will need to have your account number available to make your payment and the methods available to pay with include cards or a checking account.

Option 3: Set Up Automatic Gas Bill Payments

Once logged in to your online account as discussed in the first bill pay option on this page, go to the e-Bill worry-free Options section and you will be given the option to sign up for automatic bill payments. If you do, just follow the directions given to submit your automatic payment request.

Option 4: Peoples Gas Payments Mailing Address

To mail your payment in to Peoples Gas, get a money order or check made out to “Peoples Gas” and write your account number somewhere on it. If you have your payment stub, include that in the envelope, but to not tape, staple or clip your check or money order. Mail this payment to the following address:
Peoples Gas
PO Box 19100
Green Bay, WI 54307-9100

Option 5: Pay Peoples Gas Bill in Person

To find out where you can make a payment in person on your Peoples Gas account, go to the company’s Payment Locations search and look up your zip code. You will be provided with a list of places you can go to make a payment, but you should know that paying your bill in person will mean also being charged $1.50 to have it processed.

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