PayPal Credit Card

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PayPal is a service that allows online business owners, freelance writers, and basically anyone else who works on the Internet to make money for that work.

PayPal’s main service involves an online payments system, which provides money transfers that can serve as an alternate method to dated and traditional methods such as money orders and bank checks. Along with the simple online payments that PayPal implements as its main user service, the company also offers a credit card.

PayPal users can apply for and use the credit card anywhere that accepts such forms of payment. Formerly known as Bill Me Later, PayPal acquired this proprietary payment system in the fall of 2008. Similar to most major credit card systems, PayPal Credit offers users a variety of perks and benefits, which we will be going over in this article.

Another intresting article is actually a guide:

What Is PayPal Credit?/How Does It Work?

PayPal Credit is a service provided to PayPal users to assist in letting them the convenience of their PayPal account, while also allowing them to make purchases at any retailer that accepts payment by credit card. PayPal’s credit card offers holders a ton of financial flexibility, allowing them plenty of time to make their payments. This also grants them special financing offers, such as zero interest or payments if paid in full over the course of six months on purchases of $99 or more.

Viewing your PayPal Credit statement is also incredibly simple, and we’ll go over every step to help you along the way. To get started, head to the PayPal main page.

  1. Log into your PayPal account
    login link paypal
  2. Click on the “View statements” link beneath your PayPal Credit information
    View statements
  3. Use the navigation tools on the right edge of the page to select your current activity or look at past statements
  4. Selecting the current range allows you to review your current expected minimum payment and transactions since your last statement.
  5. To view a past transaction, click again on “View Statements” and select an earlier date range. Once you have brought up a past statement, you can opt to download a printable PDF of the statement to keep for your records.
    past transaction

To view other tutorials on how to make payments and how to set your preferred payment options, visit the How It Works section of the PayPal Credit page.

how it works linkPayPal Credit also offers a convenient system for making simple monthly payments to fit your budget. You can learn about the Easy Payments system here. This link is available on the main PayPal Credit page.

how it works link how easy payments work

In the next section, we will mention a few other helpful links that are sure to provide you with as much information as possible regarding PayPal Credit.

Frequently Asked Questions & Other Links

A few other helpful links will be included in this final section of the guide.

  • Click this link for an explanation on PayPal fees
  • Click this link to apply for a PayPal credit card

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