Online Bill Payment Services Review

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As the name would imply, online bill payment services are a convenient means to track and make payments for various payments. When looking for an Online Bill Service it is important to consider what it is you need from it when choosing which one is best suited. Certain services are limited to only handling money in certain regions of the world, and others are limited to only being able to make payments on online merchandise, others will be able to expand into paying your more regular bills. Many banks also include their own online bill management service online which is a reasonable step for any individual already banking with one of these banks. Ideally you want a service that is easy to move money in and out of at a minimal charge, can handle that money anywhere you plan to be in the world, and is widely accepted by multiple companies and services to give you a convenient universal means of handling your money.

Some Of The Most Common Online Bill Payment Services Include


BitPay logo

Bitpay is the world’s largest service that handles Bitcoins, which are an interesting online based currency that have been picking up popularity online as an international trade currency that can be quickly be exchanged for the receiver’s local currency. This offers an extremely convenient means for two people who normally handle different currencies to make an exchange and easily suit everyone’s needs. The ability to immediately exchange Bitcoin out for another currency is extremely relevant as Bitcoins are notorious for having price fluctuations.


PayPal logo

PayPal is an extremely widely used service that allows you to bank money online, withdraw it to bank accounts, and make payments directly from your PayPal account to most online retailers. PayPal has also expanded into the offline world with their very own debit card which allows you to draw money from your PayPal to make payments at any location where MasterCard is accepted. As good as PayPal is, some people are not fond of the charges the service will make on transfers made directly between accounts and on payments that you receive through their service. The charge sits at just under 3% of the amount being transferred which makes PayPal less ideal than some services when handling large quantities of money.


PayTrust Logo

Paytrust is fairly well accepted as the most complete deal you can get from online bill services. What Paytrust does that puts it above all the competition is that they offer options for you to have your physical bills sent to Paytrust who will scan and upload them as well as email you notifications of your newly received bill. Paytrust also has excellent organization tools that help you keep track of your paid and unpaid bills and keep you on track to having all of your money needs managed. The downside to Paytrust is that they charge a flat 5 dollars a month plus a small charge for every bill received and paid, which is not the biggest possible charge, but it is more than much of the competition.

Wells Fargo

wellsfargo logo

As far as Bank options that provide good online services, Wells Fargo may be the best. There are options that make their online bill payment services free to use, under certain conditions, and with their online service you are capable of paying anyone in the United States that you could pay with a check making it extremely versatile while in the States. Along with this, you are given options for both recurring and one-time payments to allow you to manage bills like your cell phone and television bills by setting up a recurring payment and allowing Wells Fargo to manage these payments for as long as you need them to.

My Check Free

Mycheckfree logo

My Check Free is special in that it is more interactive than most services, using a virtual dog to assist you in your bill paying needs. The animated assistant is a cute and fun addition to an otherwise mundane task, and as well as making your bills be more entertaining, the dog is an extremely useful aid that will help you set up your account and find all of the bills you want to pay. The downside is that this tool is not as universal as many, and that they are geared almost exclusively with helping people manage their bill payments.



ProPay is a service that handles credit card transfers where they would be otherwise inconvenient. It is as simple as scanning a card with your smartphone and entering the relevant information and you are ready to make a money exchange using a credit card without needing to use much technology at all.

Moneybookers also known as Skrill

Skrill Logo

Is a fast system that allows you to send and receive payments via either your bank or credit card, leaving Moneybookers to quickly and securely transfer money in direct currency exchanges. Skrill is only able to operate inside of the European Union, which makes it great for people in that region to make direct payments, but outside in the rest of the world another service will be needed.


Quicken Logo

Quicken is an advanced tool that has a great amount of utility for users who want to manage money from and into multiple accounts. Your personal Quicken can connect to 10 separate accounts to draw money from at your choice of how much, and also allows you to easily wire money between your own accounts at an extreme degree of convenience. Quicken has software that you can install for extra convenience as well as giving you access to a great set of utilities for managing money, but if you need to make a quick and dirty transaction you can easily make transfers through their website without needing to install any software at all.

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