Nissan Finance Payment Methods

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Nissan is a major automotive producer that has numerous vehicles available in many shapes and sizes. Customers who purchase through Nissan and use the company’s financing may make a payment using one of the methods described below.

Option 1: Automatic Payments through Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation

To sign up for automatic payments, you will first have to register your account through Nissan Finance. The forms can be found on the Register Your Online Account page. After creating your online account, go to and log in. Once in your account, click “Recurring Payments” and follow the instructions on the site to set yours up.

Option 2: Make a Payment by Phone

For payments on your Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation balance over the phone, you will have to call the BillMatrix system and go through the prompts given to complete the transaction. You can reach the service at (800) 606-6613. When calling, have your Nissan account number available to ensure that your account is properly credited.
Some more phone numbers:

nissanfinance phone numbers list

Option 3: Send Payment through the Mail

There are a number of addresses that you will have to choose from to send your payment through the mail on a Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation account balance. The details that will determine where you send your payment to are your zip code and whether you are leasing a vehicle or are making a payment for a loan through Nissan Finance.

After you have determined which of the following addresses you need to send your payment to, prepare a personal check, cashier’s check or a money order made out to Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation and write your account number on it. Send the payment to one of these addresses:

Zip codes zip codes


PO Box 9001132
Louisville, KY 40290-1132



Any Other Zip Codes:





For Pay Offs:


To Pay Toward the Account’s Principal:


Bill Pay Option 4: Online Payments via BillMatrix

Unlike most lines of credit that you might make a payment toward over the internet, you do not necessarily need to create an online account through the Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation website to make the payment. This is because online payments for a Nissan Finance account are actually made through a bill payment system called BillMatrix. To make your payment, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the pay bill portal
  2. At the top right of the page, click the “Pay Now” button
  3. Click the button labeled “Start Payment Process”
  4. Follow the on-screen steps to begin entering your account information

Nissan Finance BillMatrix Payment

  1. Make your way through the following screens to complete your payment

Some Helpful Links

Nissan Finance
Phone: +1 800 456 6622
cash, check, credit card, invoice

PO Box 660360
Dallas, TX 75266-0360
  • Payment
    June 24, 2020


    • Patricia Searcy
      June 23, 2020

      I am unable to make a payment online because I never received my account number. Why did this occur?

  • Cathy L. King
    February 10, 2020

    I was late with my payment for the first time in Sept., I need to change my payment date so i will not be late this month OCT. I will need to change it to the last week in the month the 27th will be good for me. Please let me know asap so i will pay on the 27th insted of the 11th thanks cathy king. PLEAS IF YOU CAN WRITE A POST ON YOUR BLOG ABOUT HOW TO DO THIS.

  • Janice Horne
    February 10, 2020

    have had a lease with Nissan Finance for over 2 years now. I had no problems having my recurring payments taken out. I got a notice 5 days pass my due date, making my payment late that I was no longer getting automatic payments withdrawn. I tried for at lease an hour trying to set up my account online with no success. After being so frustrated I called and was on hold forever. I never spoke to anyone. I was forced to make a one time payment online and charged $5.00.
    Now I have tried again to register and same problem . Why did you change your website??? There was nothing wrong. Why do I need to pay extra just for the fault of lousy website setup.

    Very Unhappy Customer,
    Janice Horne

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