State Employees’ Credit Union Online Banking

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Although the State Employees’ Credit Union is only open to membership for those who work for the state of North Carolina, there are hundreds of branches throughout the state and the financial institution is actually the second largest credit union offered to natural members in the entire country. Like many other member owned credit unions, State Employees’ Credit Union provides good loan rates, low fee amounts and are very well known for having exceptional customer service, especially when compared to regular banks that can be found all around the country.

Like all other financial institutions whether standard bank or credit union, State Employees’ Credit Union offers its members access to online banking services like account transfers, making payments, signing up for new lines of credit and more through their website

Apply for Membership at State Employees’ Credit Union

To be able to use the services offered by State Employees’ Credit Union, you are going to have to qualify for membership, which really only requires one qualifier. You have to be an employee of the state of North Carolina, which means you have to work somewhere that is somehow ran by the state. This can cover a wide range of options from environmental agencies to the DMV and more.

State Employees Credit Union Login

Once you are sure that you can qualify for membership, you can go to any of the credit union’s local branches and submit the necessary paperwork in person. Likewise, many North Carolina state offices will have the paperwork available for employees to easily sign up to be a State Employees’ Credit Union member after being hired for a position.

Online Banking with State Employees’ Credit Union

Once you have secured your membership with State Employees’ Credit Union, you can sign up for online access to your accounts with them through the credit union’s Enroll in Member Access area. On that page, simply click the “Enroll Now” button and fill out the online forms as required to set up your login credentials. After you have completed this process, you can go to the State Employee’s Credit Union homepage and use the fields on the left side of the screen to log in. You will need to input your user ID and password as created during online enrollment, then click the “Sign On” button. From there, you will be able to access all of the online services that State Employees’ Credit Union members qualify for.

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