Nationstar Mortgage Bill Payment Methods

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Nationstar Mortgage is a home loan servicing company that offers a few different convenient options for those who need to make a payment on their accounts. If you need to pay your bill for this company, you may do so by following any of the sections in the following portion of this guide.

Option 1: Pay Nationstar Mortgage Bill Online

Before you will be able to sign in online to make a payment through the Nationstar Mortgage website, you will need to register your account and personal information through the My Nationstar Sign Up page. When you head over there to fill out the info, you will be asked to enter various information such as your Nationstar Loan Number, the user name you wish to use, your password, your email address and various pieces of security information. After you have gone through this sign up process, you will be able to make you payment by signing in to the site.

To sign in, head over to account and sign in by entering your user name and password into the fields with those labels, then click the “Sign In” button. From there, go to the Western Union Web Payment area and input your billing information and follow the prompts on the site to complete your payment.

Nationstar Mortgage Bill Pay Login

Option 2: Nationstar Mortgage Bill Payment through the Mail

For those who wish to make a payment on their Nationstar Mortgage accounts through the mail, you will need to get a personal check, cashier’s check or a money order made out to “Nationstar Mortgage” and write your mortgage account number somewhere on the payment itself. When you have your payment ready to send, mail it to the following address at least five business days before the payment is actually due to ensure it arrives on time:

Nationstar Mortgage

Option 3: Phone Payments for Nationstar Mortgage Account

If you would like to make a payment on your bill due with Nationstar Mortgage over the phone, you may do so by calling the Western Union Pay by Phone system a call. You can reach this by dialing (888) 480-2432 and giving your account information over the phone as well as your billing details. So, make sure to have your account number readily available before calling as well as your debit or checking account information. Keep in mind that a payment made using this system may result in being charged up to $14 for the service.

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