The Home Depot Human Resources and Employee Website

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Being the single largest home-improvement retail chain in the United States, The Home Depot employs a very large amount of people. This includes both store associates and those who work for the various corporate aspects of the company. Those who work for Home Depot who are looking for specific information in regards to their employment at the company, like for payroll information, upcoming schedule, career path tips and more, can access all of this and more through the Home Depot’s associate website.

Logging In to Access Your Home Depot Employee Information

Unlike other websites that you may be accustomed to, the Home Depot employee website does not require that you register online as is traditionally the case when using the internet to access private information. To receive your user ID and password, speak with your manager or human resources department and they will help you receive your login credentials. After obtaining these, you can log in by following these instructions:

  1. Go to the MyTHDHR website (Or search for: “”)
  2. Select the section that contains the information you are searching for
  3. In some cases, you may have to select a sub-section
  4. When prompted with a login screen, select and input your store number or choose other location
  5. Enter your user ID and password
  6. Click “Sign In”
Home Depot Associates Login

  1. After logging in successfully, you will be presented the information for the section you requested

As you can see, the login  process is easy and simple, just like in the Home Depot payment login process through the myHomedepotaccount portal.

Important Sections of the Home Depot Associates Website

Once logged in to the website, there are many different valuable aspects of the Home Depot website for associates. The most important of these include:

Your Schedule

The Your Schedule area displays an employee’s upcoming schedule so he or she can plan accordingly.


The information available on the Home Depot associates website that deals with benefits includes anything having to do with benefits qualifications, health plan details, spending accounts, tuition reimbursement and more.


This section features anything that has to do with employee salary, including pay statements, updating direct deposit information, offers banking incentives and provides access to a number of documents relating to federal and state taxes.


The myOrangeLadder section of the Home Depot website gives employees a place to set up a plan for how they want their career path to go while working for the organization. Sections of this sub-site include myPlan, myBrand and myChance. These allow employees to set up plans for employment, receive advice for networking and resume building, and finding tips to interview better when applying for new positions, respectively.

  • annandahappy
    June 3, 2020

    “The Home Depot Human Resources and Employee Website” as it sounds is the most helpful and most friendly website for employees or going to be employees to any company or organization as targeted. Ok, but Can I join and use this service from outside The United States?

    • Payment
      June 3, 2020

      No. As far as i know, the Home Depot employee self-service site is for employees inside the US.

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