Synchrony Financial Overview

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Synchrony Financial is the re-branded financial organization which was once known as GE Money and GE Capital Retail Bank. They issue and manage the credit services that are available from various retail locations and websites, many of which are very well-known national brands along the lines of Walmart, Lowe’s and American Eagle.

You may hear or read different sites discuss the brands Synchrony Bank and Synchrony Financial, and some confusion may arise from the difference in terms. However, these are for all intents and purposes the same company as far as retail customers are concerned.

Payment Methods

As a large financial institution, Synchrony Financial offers retail credit card users a number of ways to make payments on their existing credit accounts through companies like Amazon, Old Navy, Gap, Sony, Sleep Train and many more.

Online Payments

Making a payment online for a Synchrony Financial retail credit card account will require that you have your login credentials (user name and password) set up. To do so, you can visit any page on the MySynchrony website and click the Register link near the top of the page by the login boxes. From there, you will be asked to verify your account information as well as input details that will verify who you are.

After your account has been set up, you may make a one-time payment by following these instructions:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Enter your user name and password
  3. (Optional) Mark the check box by “Remember me’ to save your user name
  4. Click the “Go” button
MySynchrony Credit Card Management Login

MySynchrony Credit Card Management Login Instructions

  1. Place your mouse pointer over the “Payments” link at the top of the page
  2. Click “Make a Payment”
  3. Enter your payment options, including amount and banking details
  4. Agree to the terms
  5. Submit the payment

Automatic Payments

To set up automatic payments for your credit account through Synchrony Financial, you will first log in as described in the steps for Online Payments. Then, you should see a status indicator at the top of the screen – select that. From there:

  1. Click the “Enroll in Autopay” link
  2. Choose how much you would like to pay for each cycle
  3. Select a payment source
  4. Look over the Terms and Conditions and agree to them
  5. Check that the details of your Autopay are correct and click “Submit”

Multiple Online Payments

If you wish to conduct multiple payments at one time, then you should follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in and then click on the Make Payment button
  2. Choose the Multiple tab right above
  3. Enter all the required information
  4. Enter up to 12 payments
  5. Click Create Payment Schedule
  6. Be on the lookout for a confirmation email from Synchrony Bank

Synchrony Financial Payment Mailing Address

To access the mailing address for your Synchrony Financial retail credit card account, you will need to reference the monthly bill that you either receive through the mail or by email if you have signed up for paperless billing.

Likewise, the individual mailing address for various companies who use Synchrony Financial as their credit issuing and management service can normally found on the websites of those credit card’s contact us pages or through the retailers’ websites themselves. A few have also been discussed previously on this website, which you can access through this list:

Information for Phone Payments

Unlike the mailing addresses that somewhat force the credit card users to manually hunt down and find them on their own, Synchrony Financial has set up a fairly convenient tool that allows cardholders to quickly find the customer service phone numbers which have been set up for the various retail cards that the financial institution issues. This tool can be found directly on the Contact Synchrony Financial page in the For Consumers section.

To find the phone number that pertains to your consumer credit card, select the business the card is associated with in the dropdown box and dial the number that appears on the right side of the company’s logo, as imaged here with Men’s Wearhouse as an example:

Synchrony Financial Phone Number Lookup

Synchrony Financial Phone Number Lookup

Although Synchrony Financial does not claim anywhere on the site that these numbers can be used to make payments, you can rest assured that we have contacted dozens of them to ensure that payments may be made properly through them.

Important Pages at

Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions on the Synchrony Financial website offers accountholders through the company access to a significant amount of accessible information that pertains to many different aspects of the site and the organization. Topics covered include information about the company itself, how to get in contact with them, website features and how-to guides, details about payments and much more.

Terms & Conditions Request Form

If you have lost your original Terms and Conditions documents from when you signed up for a credit line managed by Synchrony Financial or you simply would like to have a hard copy of the agreement, you may request to have one mailed to you bill filling out the form on the Credit Card Agreement Request page.

Note: This document can only be requested by those who are current accountholders with Synchrony Financial and their retail clients.

Make Your Account Paperless

In this age of internet dominance for many forms of communication, the need to receive bills and various forms of correspondence is redundant for many people. Synchrony has recognized this absence of need as far as paper mailing is concerned, and they offer paperless e-billing statements, which you can read about further on the company’s Go Paperless with eBill page.

Special Offers from Synchrony Retailers

Those who are considering applying for certain types of credit should look into the Special Offers available from the retailers that Synchrony provides credit services for as there are many promotional events going on at any given time. Normally, these come in the form of cash back, prepaid gift cards and discounted goods, but a handful also incorporate competitions that do not even require applying for credit at all.

Important Information About Credit

Synchrony Financial has set up a small guide dedicated to educating consumers about credit as a whole. Their Financing 101 Credit Basics provides explanations about the concept of credit, what goes into your credit report, how to fix your credit and the contact information for the three major credit reporting agencies in the United States: Equifax, Experian and TansUnion.

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