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InComm Healthcare & Affinity is a subsidiary of the InComm Holdings, Inc., which was founded in 2012. With the company’s acquisition of Medagate, the OTC Network became part of it. OTC Network has partnered with various health plan providers and retailers to make it more convenient for OTC card holders to purchase their over the counter medicine. If you have an OTC card, you can use it to purchase eligible items on participating stores online and personally. You don’t have to pay for them out of your pocket since this is part of your medical health insurance.

Depending on your health care plan, you will have a specific limit that you can spend per month on your OTC card. This will be automatically loaded at the start of the month and it can be used with coupons, discounts and sale. Retailers also offer promos and rewards that are immediately available for all card holders. You can use the card for several transactions. However, any remaining balance at the end of the month will not be transferred to your balance the following month. The card will be replenished again with your specific limit, which you can then spend for that month.


You can login to your OTC card account by accessing https://otcnetwork.com/member. You’ll need this to check out your account information, including your member name and card number. This is also where you can review all your transactions, which is important to ensure that the list is correct. If you have questions about your charges, go through this information, as it would give you a detailed data. The date and time when the items where purchased, the type of transaction, description of the transaction, the amount of the items purchased and the remaining balance will be there. You’ll also see your current balance on the upper part of your account page so you would know instantly how much you can still spend for the month. Logging in is very simple. Once on the site, type in your 16 or 19 digit OTC card number on the appropriate field and click the “go” button and you’ll be taken to your account page. This is convenient as there’s no need to remember and enter any password.

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Aside from your transaction information and balance, another thing that you can see when you log in are the offers. Partner retailers send the list of their promos, discounts and reward to OTC Network so that members would be aware of it. However, there may still be offers that are not listed here in case there were additional promos or discounts that were just offered by the retailers, which they were not able to include on the list.

Nevertheless, you will be automatically eligible for all these promos. Moreover, you can always ask the retailers to double check if they have additional promos that you can avail of. Like the promos, all eligible items that you can purchase with your OTC card can also be found here. You may check this list to determine the products you can get using your card. Although they are eligible, there may still be cases that you may not be able to get item with your card, if it’s not covered by your health care plan.

If there are items that you think should be eligible but are not, let your health care provider know about it so they can make necessary steps to make it available if possible. Clicking the “retailers” menu on your account page will let you search for the participating retailers near you. Enter your zip code, state, city and the preferred distance from your place. In the “Support” section, you can find contact information that you can use if you have any questions or concerns regarding your account.

Participating retailers

The activation page is the same as the sign in page, which again you may access at myotccard.com. You will be asked for your OTC card number, health insurance number and your birthdate. That’s all you need and you’ll be able to login using just your OTC card number next time. As mentioned, you will not be asked for any password, which is convenient as you don’t have to remember one.


InComm Healthcare & Affinity issues OTC cards to health care providers. These providers then issue these cards to their members. If your health care provider is a partner of OTC Network, then you may be eligible to get a card depending on your insurance plan. Some of their partner health providers include AgeWell New York, UPMC, Geisinger Health Plan, Molina Healthcare, and Health Partners Plans. You can find out more about their health plan partners by clicking this .

To determine if you’re eligible for this card, the best thing to do is to contact your health plan provider. If they are OTC Network partners, they would check your plan if you’re eligible to get one. If you wish to avail of the OTC card but you’re not eligible under your plan, ask about your options on how to get an OTC card. You may be offered to change your plan to that which offers an OTC card. Make sure that you understand the terms and benefits of the plan options so you can get the best deal. The requirements to get the specific health insurance plan that offers OTC card depends on your provider so you should also communicate with them regarding this.

If you’re under the plan that offers OTC card, your health plan provider will issue you one, which you can then activate on the site provided above. The OTC card number can be found in front of the card, which you would need for the activation.

eligible items

Once activated, you can immediately start enjoying its benefits. There’s also no need to pay for a separate bill to replenish the balance in your card since it would be part of the money you pay for your health plan.

  • Barbara
    June 4, 2020

    Can’t registrar card says my bithdate is wrong I know my birthday

    • Marlene
      February 9, 2020

      write your birthday with no space or signals Example: November 11,1991 you write it 11141991

  • donald soucy
    February 4, 2020

    cannot sign in, entered all info i could find and still can”t get in ???? Please help!!!!!!

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