GCI Residential Service Payment Methods

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GCI: https://gci.com/ is a communications and media provider that operates in the state of Alaska and does most of its business out of the city of Anchorage. The have a few different ways of making payments on an account, which you can read about in this guide.

Bill Pay Option 1: Online Payments

For online payments to your GCI account, you will first need to set up your online login through their website. This can be done at the new user self-registration page: https://myebill.gci.com/SelfReg.aspx  where you will be asked to fill out a handful of forms that ask for your identifying information regarding you and your account with GCI.

With your user name and password set up, head to the login page at https://myebill.gci.com/LoginPage.aspx?ReturnURL=~%2f!Home.aspx%3faction%3doverview%26gru%3d1&gru=1. On that page, enter your login and password into the fields labeled as such, then click the “LOGIN” button.

GCI Login Page
Once you are logged in to your account, click the “Pay Bill” menu option at the top of the page.
From there, the site will offer directions to add payment methods and submit your bill pay transaction

GCI Pay Bill

Bill Pay Option 2: Mail in Your Payment

Depending on the bill that you are trying to pay through GCI, there are a few different addresses that you will have to choose from. The addresses are broken into the following two service categories for residential customers: TV and Phont & Internet. The addresses are:

Address for TV Payments:

PO Box 196609
Anchorage, AK 99519-6609

Address for Phone/Internet Payments:

PO Box 99016
Anchorage, AK 99509-9016

Bill Pay Option 3: Pay Your Bill Over the Phone

For those of you who would like to speak with a customer service representative or use an automated audio system to pay your bill with GCI, you may do so over the phone. There are two different numbers that you can use to reach their residential customer service support, one of which is for people who is local in Anchorage and the other is for those who might be anywhere else statewide.

The number for those in Anchorage is 265-5400.

The GCI customer service number for anyone else is (800) 800-4800.

Option 4: Make a Payment in Person

To make a payment in person, you can visit any GCI store. To find where one is near you, visit the GCI Store Locations page. Unlike other companies that have you search using a map and/or search box to find the nearest location to you, GCI’s  store location page: https://gci.com/store-locations is just a list, put in order by city and alphabetized by specific area. That being the case, it may take a few moments to actually find the store nearest to you. Alternately, you can go to maps.google.com and search for a GCI store &8211; this will likely be much easier than using their actual list of locations.

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