Tracking Your Cigna Account Information Online

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Cigna has been around since 1982 when the companies INA and CG underwent a merger. As you can tell, the actual name Cigna is merely a mashup of the letters for the two previous companies. Cigna is an insurance conglomerate with subsidiary companies that deal with practically every type of major health-related insurance available. These include the likes of life, health, disability and dental rather than property or asset insurance like homeowner’s, auto or renter’s insurance. In any case, people can receive some services straight through Cigna, and the website has many different valuable things worth knowing about and looking through if you are a Cigna customer.

Create an Online Cigna Profile and Logging in to the Site

Before you can do anything with your Cigna account through the company’s website, you must set up your login information and have it linked to your Cigna account by going through the company website’s Registration forms. In the fields on that page, you will be asked to enter various pieces of information over four pages. The four pages of forms to fill out include entering your personal details, confirming your identity, setting up your user ID and password, and submission of the information entered to Cigna.

cinga registration

Upon completing the online account profile creation, you will be able to go to the login to sign in to your account. On the login page, simply enter your user ID and password as you created them during the registration process discussed above and click the “LOGIN” button to be taken to your account dashboard.

Cigna Account Online Login

Your Cigna Insurance Coverage

The first tab you will see at the top of your Cigna account website after logging in will say “Review my coverage.” By clicking on that tab, you will be able to use a handful of tools, have access to various resources and look over the details of your coverage through Cigna.

The tools available include the Account Balances Tool and the Plan Tracker Tool. The former provides you information concerning your account balances as well as contributions and withdrawal data. The Plan Tracker Tool displays important trackable data regarding your insurance deductibles. The graphs accompanying the data show a visual representation of how close you are to maxing out specific deductibles for the year.

The resources available to you on the “Review my coverage” tab is primarily a series of links that take you to valuable services like getting copies of your insurance ID cards, a healthcare cost calculator, claim forms and more.

In the middle column of the page under the heading “Review My Coverage,” each section has a link underneath that says “View Details.” By clicking that link, you will be taken to a page that displays a summary of the coverage you receive for that type of insurance (i.e. medical, dental, mental health, etc.), information about your plan’s deductibles, and the types of healthcare categories – like emergency, preventative, etc. – that you’re covered for and which services you might need approval from Cigna to receive.

View Claim Status and Balance Information for Cigna Account

The second tab, “Manage claims & balances,” offers those insured by Cigna a chance to quickly look over details regarding one’s account balance with the insurance company. On this page, you will find information about your deductible status, and details concerning your account balances while prominently displaying withdrawals, contributions and your recent insurance claims.

Choosing a Doctor or Specific Care

In the “Find a doctor or service” tab, you will found a rather straightforward search and browse functionality that will allow you to easily look through and find the right doctor or clinic to fit your needs.

This page also offers one of the more valuable services available on the Cigna website: A phone number that you can call to speak directly with a nurse. The number can be found at the top right of the page in the “Need Help” box. This is particularly useful for those times when talking to a professional will offer assistance in fighting an illness or simply to give you some peace of mind about a scary symptom.

There is also an area on this page dedicated to providing information about receiving urgent care without actually going to an emergency room. This portion of the page should be looked over by everyone at some point as the tips here can end up far more affordable than a real emergency room visit and service is often much faster compared to packed ERs.

Pharmacy Delivery, the Cost of Healthcare, and Health Management

The remaining tabs on the Cigna website are fairly self-explanatory and offer some great additional services. The “Cigna home delivery pharmacy” tab gives you access to a list of all of your current prescriptions and will allow you to submit refill requests and have them delivered right to your home.

The “Estimate health care costs” tab is a multi-faceted calculator that helps you determine how much certain procedures and coverage changes will end up costing or saving you.

Lastly, the “Manage my health” tab offers articles and resources to help educate visitors more on what they can be doing to have a better overall wellbeing and covers topics such as diet, exercise, smoking cessation and more.

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  • Augustin Ayala
    June 29, 2020

    I cannot sign in to the account to update the health risk sheet. I can be reached at 340 693 3505

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