Target Gift Card Balance

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My Balance Now is a website service ran for checking the information on Target gift cards at your own convenience from your home. The website is small, easy to use and easy to navigate as well as providing you all the information that you need to know to use your target gift cards. One important thing to know about these Target Gift cards is that they are accepted anywhere Visa cards may be used

Logging Into My Balance Now

  • The simple and streamlined purpose of this website make it easy to find what you need, once you are on the home page for My Balance Now –, you will easily find a section labled “Check Your Balance” at the top, and below that you will find the empty fields to enter your information.
  • The first required field is the number on your gift card, the big long series of numbers indented on the front of the card. This is all the website requires as far as having an account, no special registration or extra hoops to jump through.
    target Gift Card Information
  • The rest of the information can also be found on your gift card. The expiration is on the front of the card as well, just under the card number, and the CVV is a small series of numbers on the back of the card following after where you are supposed to write your signature.
  • From there you will be logged in to view the information on that specific card, although if you have other gift cards you will need to similarly log into each individual card to check their balances.

Being able to use the online service to know exactly where your balance is valuable since cashiers at stores will be unable to check how much money you have left on a gift card unless you make a purchase that exceeds the amount on the card, then the card will be denied and the cashier will know you have a sum less than the value of the purchase. This is problematic in stores where only one means of payment will be accepted for any charge.

If You Do Not Wish To Use the Site for checking your Balance

There is a telephone alternative for users who prefer not to use the website. The following phone number is useful for information regarding transactions, how much money you have remaining, or to report a lost or stolen card for your best chance at getting your money returned. 1-800-698-4952

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