Stop Paying for More Family Mobile Phone Coverage than You Need

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If you are paying more than around per phone line, there is a really good chance that you are paying far more for your service than you really need to be. This is especially true if you have a family plan – although they may feel like an incredible deal, they also often convince people to go for far more coverage than they actually need.

The reason that people end up spending far more for a family plan than they actually need is because the majority of people who have family plans are using their cell phone coverage to speak to and text with are those who are also a part of the plan. The thing is, though, that pretty much any family type plan from any mobile phone coverage provider is going to offer you and those who have mobile coverage through that plan will be able to converse and text with each other for free for an unlimited number of minutes talking or texts sent.

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That being the case, there are actually very few households that need more than a few hundred minutes and texts per month. And, unless you use your primary line as some sort of business line as well, you really will not need much more than three to five hundred minutes rather than the 1,000-plus that most families end up signing up for.

This may lead you into questioning whether or not this is a good idea because, oftentimes, the large plans also come with unlimited data. While it is a nice addition to any mobile plan, do you really need unlimited data? Consider this: There is an incredible number of Wi-Fi hotspots located throughout the country in both urban and rural areas alike. From the corner coffee shop to many workplaces and even found in the public transportation vehicles in some areas, you can get a free Wi-Fi connection practically anywhere you would need one these days. And, with most phones, you can actually set up your options to not download anything like app updates and emails unless it detects you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, which means you will not have to manually turn your data on and off all the time.

So, with unlimited texts and calls between families and the growing prevalence of public, free Wi-Fi hotspots all over the place, there’s no reason you need to be paying 0 for a family plan for four people (except for in some rare circumstances) when you could easily bring that down by 25 percent and not even feel the difference.

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