Military Star Card Payments

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The Military Star Card is the store credit card for the Aafes brand of military Exchange stores that can be found on most military bases and, occasionally, off base. The stores are usually department stores and carry the types of goods and merchandise you would expect to find in major retail chains like Target or Wal-Mart. They also run most of the commissaries that can be found on military bases.

Military Star Card Online Payments

To make a payment on the balance for your Military Star Card account, you will need to go through a number of steps to be granted access through the internet to your account. First, you are going to need to have created your Exchange ID. To do this, go to the Exchange account create pages and verify your military service as well as set up your login information. Once logged in, you will be able to link your store credit card to your account through the dashboard. After all of that is set up, you can follow these directions to complete your online payment:

Military Star Card Login
Dillards credit card application

Military Star Card Login Snap (Click this image to ENLARGE)

  • Go to the account management page and click Pay Bill
  • Select a payment amount
  • Enter your checking account and bank routing numbers
  • Submit and verify the payment

Mailing In Payments for Military Star Card

There are two places that you can find the mailing address to pay your bill with a check or money order. The first is online by logging in to your account. The second way to find the mailing address is through the monthly bill that you receive in the mail.

Military Star Card Pay by Phone

To make a payment over the phone on your Military Star Card account balance, get your credit card account number ready and call their credit center at
(877) 891-7827
You can also use your military ID number if you do not have access to your credit card account number for some reason. To complete a payment over the phone, you will also need to have your checking account number and bank routing number for the transaction.

Military Star Card In-store Payments

If you would like to make a payment using cash or you would like to complete the transaction in person, you may do so at any Aafes branded store like a Base Exchange (BX) or a Navy Exchange. To find one of these stores near you, use the Exchange store locator.

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