Merrick Bank Boat, RV and Motorcycle Loan Payment Options

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For the most part, Merrick Bank deals with high-interest rate credit cards. However, they also provide lending for recreational vehicles like boats, motorcycles and RVs. If you have one of these loans, you can make a payment online or through the mail as discussed in the transaction options below.
Note: If you have a Merrick Bank credit card, these directions will not work to complete your payment. For those instruction, go to the Merrick Bank Credit Card Payment Options article.

Pay Merrick Bank Recreational Loan Online

The Merrick Bank Login for recreational loan accounts is where you will need to go to either log in or set up your sign in information to submit a payment toward a boat, RV or motorcycle lending. To set up your login, click the “First Time User” button as marked in green in the image below. Otherwise, to log in, enter your access ID in the box and click the “Submit” button.

merrick bank credit card payment online login

From there, enter your password to complete the login. Once you are looking at your account details, choose to make a payment toward your recreational loan, and the site will walk you through the directions to complete the transaction.

Pay Your Merrick Bank Boat, RV or Motorcycle Loan through the Mail

You also have the option to make a payment toward your recreational vehicle, boat or motorcycle loan which was set up by Merrick Bank when you purchased the vehicle by sending funds in through the mail. Before discussing how to make the payment, we would like to inform you that you can’t make a Merrick Bank recreational loan payment by using cash – do not mail cash to Merrick Bank.

For those of you who have chosen to make payments toward your accounts by sending them through the mail rather than using online methods, you will need to send a check or a money order to Merrick Bank to get the payment taken care of. Likewise, you should write your recreational lending Merrick Bank account number somewhere on the check or money order as well, otherwise you run the risk of having the check disregarded and your account will likely be slapped with late fees or possibly some other type of penalty. With your check or your money order prepared and ready to send off to Merrick Bank, mail it to the following address:
Merrick Bank
PO Box 660880
Dallas, TX 75266-0800
Be sure that you send your check or money order in at least five business days before the due date to make sure that the payment arrives on time and that Merrick Bank has the time to pull the funds from your account. Although the risk is rather small that they will charge you a late fee for a check or a money order that was mailed before the payment was due, it is better to not have to be worried about or deal with that situation and simply send in it in five days in advance.

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