Macy’s Card Bill Payment Methods

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Macy’s is a retail department store chain that has a presence across the United States and within a number of foreign markets as well. The primarily offer clothing for men, women and children, but they also carry various home goods like kitchen gadgets, furniture and more. They have two credit cards available, the Macy’s Card and the Macy’s American Express.

Macy’s Card Payment Option 1: Online Payments

Before a payment can be made online for one of the Macy’s credit cards, you will have to set up an online account through Macy’s. This can be done through the Macy’s create profile page by adding the Macy’s credit card account information to the right column of the registration forms, which are not normally needed for standard account creation. Once the account has been set up, cardholders can make an online payment on a Macy’s credit card by following these simple steps:

  1. Go to the URL
  2. Type in the account’s email address and password as created during account registration
  3. Click “sign in”
Macys Credit Card Account Login
Dillards credit card application

Macys Credit Card Account Login

  1. Select “My Account”
  2. Go to the bill payment section
  3. Enter a payment amount
  4. Input the details of the bank account you would like to pay from
  5. Submit the payment and confirm your details

Option 2: In-store Payments

Those with either a Macy’s Card or a Macy’s American Express credit card may make a payment on the balance of their account at any Macy’s retail department store location. If you are unsure of where a nearby Macy’s might be, visit Macy’s online store locator by clicking here.

Macy’s Card Option 3: Pay by Mail

Macy’s Card users can make a payment on a credit card balance through the mail by sending a check or a money order made out to Macy’s. The money order or check should have the account number written on it before mailing the payment. It should be mailed to the following address at least five business days before the bill is actually due to ensure it is processed on time:
Macy’s Payments
Macy’s Payments
Macy’s American Express credit card users will have to mail payments to this address:
Macy’s American Express
Macy’s American Express bill payment adress
for more about this payment option, click this link.

Option 4 For Macy’s Card Bill: Pay by Phone

To make a payment on a Macy’s store credit card over the phone, cardholders will have to call the customer service line at:
(888) 431-6229
Before calling, it is advised that you have the credit card available to pull the account number from as well as your bank account and routing numbers.

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