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Although the Lands’ End clothing retail company is a partner to the website Shop Your Way, Lands’ End is not necessarily directly connected to the online marketplace. Even with that being the case, a number of Shop Your Way customers have felt misled when attempting to use any of the rewards program points that they earned while buying items through Shop Your Way on the actual Lands’ End website. These feelings stem from the fact that the rewards earned through can’t actually be applied to a purchase made at the official Lands’ End website,

What might be even more of a disappointment to those who like the clothing available at any Lands’ End location or one of their physical shops is the fact that Lands’ End itself does not seem to actually have any kind of rewards program available. Well, none that are other than those that can be earned with a Sears company credit card. And, this is specifically where some of the problems stem from.

Lands End ShopYourWay Rewards

Right on the Lands’ End page of the Shop Your Way website, which you end up being shown in search engines when looking up the phrase “ rewards” (of which this phrase actually links to), you will see where it discusses earning two percent back in points when making purchases at Lands’ End using a Sears credit card. This, quite understandably, has led to some confusion amongst those who have done some shopping through Shop Your Way in that they believe they should be able to redeem any points redeemed through that site on the actual Lands’ End website itself. However, that truly does not seem to be the case.

So, if you recently had this exact situation happen to you, we regret to inform you that you may just be at a loss when it comes to this specific situation. Here at About Bill Pay, we, too, believe that this whole practice seems negligent in conveying information at best. At worst, it comes across as a trick meant to get more people to buy more goods through Shop Your Way.

Hopefully you do not fall into that camp and you were just doing research on the whole rewards points system that is promoted through If that is the case, the rewards point system available there really can be a good deal, but only if you expect to make further purchases through Shop Your Way itself rather than attempting to take those points to any other website. If so, put in research to determine that you can as this Lands’ End situation might not be the de facto way that points are deal with for each retailer.

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