How To Pay Online at Los Angeles DWP

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Public utilities make life much more convenient in today’s society. From electricity to keep our lights on and our favorite devices running, to water to cook food with, drink to cool down on a hot summer day, and bathe with after a long day at work or after a grueling workout, and natural gas so that we may  cook our daily meals.

Whether you have a house to call your own or rent an apartment of any kind, you will have to deal with public utilities in some fashion in order to maintain basic infrastructure.

Most major city governments around the world will have a department dedicated to maintaining public utilities, and these departments must deal with issues such as power outages or broken water mains, to ensure that these issues are fixed as quickly as possible while avoiding future interruptions. One such department is the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (LADWP).

In this guide, we’ll be discussing how to log into your account at the official website for the LADWP. Following that, you’ll learn where you can go to pay your monthly bill so you can avoid any costly service interruptions.

How To Log In

As stated previously, part one of this guide will be about showing you how to log into the LADWP online account center. Whether you are a resident who relies on public utility to keep your water running and your electricity on, a business customer who uses these services to keep your business afloat, or a business partner to the Los Angeles DWP, your account offers the convenience of managing everything you need from the comfort of your home or office.

To get started, get to your computer and open your web browser. Navigate your web browser to the LADWP website:

When you make it to the home page, look to the right side of the page where you will see two text boxes. You will need to enter the unique Username and Password that you created when you first signed up for an account at the LADWP. After you have entered this information correctly, click the green “Log In” button.


If you are the only user on your computer and would like the website to remember your account info to make logging in simpler, tick the “Remember me” checkbox before logging in. Regardless, it would be a good idea to write down your information and store the info where you can easily get to it.

Paying Your Bill

Now that you have learned how to log into your online account, you will need to know where you can pay your monthly bill in order to keep your utilities running.

Return to the LADWP website and look at the row of colored buttons at the center of the page.
Whether you are a resident or a commercial customer, look for the section that pertains to you and click “Pay bill”.

Log into your account once more as you did in step 1 if you aren’t already.

Once logged in, look for a “pay your bill” link or something similar and follow any instructions given to you by the website in order to successfully pay your monthly bill.Pay your bill links

This is the direct link to the customer service regarding bill payment page:

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