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One of the premier medical providers in the United States, Kaiser Permanente operates both an extensive network of hospitals and clinics as well as offering healthcare insurance. For information about the Kaiser Permanente website and to learn how to pay your Kaiser Permanente bill, continue reading.
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Online Bill Pay for Kaiser Permanente

Paying your bill online with Kaiser Permanente is a little unlike some of the other bill payment websites that you have been to in that you do not actually have to create an online account to submit the payment itself. As you will see in the following instructions, you only need to pull some information from the Kaiser Permanente invoice that you will use to pull up the proper payment for your account.

  1. Navigate to the URL KP.org/paypremium
  2. You should now be on the Authenticate for Online Payment page
  3. Type in your account number
  4. From your last bill from Kaiser Permanente, type in your invoice number
  5. Type in the last name of the person who the account belongs to
  6. Select the green “Continue” button

Kaiser Permanente Online Payment

  1. You will be shown an invoice, make sure that it is the one you intend to pay
  2. Choose a type of payment
  3. Input your billing details
  4. Submit the payment and verify your transaction

Online Account Creation

For those of you who have your health insurance through Kaiser Permanente or you receive much of your healthcare through one of the hospital network’s many locations, you may want to consider creating an account online to more easily browse through your insurance options or track your medical history.

To set up your online account with Kaiser Permanente, go to the healthcare provider’s account registration web page and fill out the forms. Once you have gone filled out the fields and made your login credentials, you will be able to sign in as described in the following section.

Healthcare Coverage and Insurance Management

Those who have created online accounts through insurance and healthcare company’s website have access to a number of features through the Kaiser Permanente Health Manager. After creating your online account as described in the previous section, you can follow the link to the health manager to log in by entering your user ID and password as you chose during registration, then click the “Sign On” button.

After signing in to the website, there are a number of actions available to users who want to learn more about their medical history, look into their healthcare coverage and more. Users can also look through other available health plans, track illnesses and locate where they can receive different services from Kaiser Permanente both locally and around the medical company’s large area of operations.

Helpful Links

Kaiser Permanente
Phone: 1-510-271-5800
Fax: 1-510-271-6493
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1 Kaiser Plaza
Oakland, California 94612

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